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If you have bought/own a character/design/adoptable from me, this T.O.S. automatically applies to you, the design, and any future owners. Please read this all the way through.

In this journal, the term 'adoptables' applies to any adopt/design/closed or open species I ever sell.
This only applies to people that own my adoptables; if you haven't owned any adoptables from me, then none of this applies to you.

I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. I expect the same attitude and professionalism I give out, and any harassment, whining, or guilt tripping will not be tolerated, and will be dealt with swiftly. If I have made a mistake, please notify me and I'll try to deal with it as quickly and cleanly as possible. 

You may not override my T.O.S. in any way, which includes using yours to cover up mine. This T.O.S. applies to all adoptables, designs, closed species, and MYOs that I ever sell. If you trade/sell/gift anything that I've made, the newest owner is not bound in ANY way to your rules, policies, or T.O.S. This applies to everyone except for if you have been scammed [or wronged in any other way.] If the trading, selling, or gifting of my adoptables is agreed to by both parties, the new owner can do whatever they please with the design, as long as they bide by these rules.
If you do not agree to any of the rules listed here, do not buy my adoptables.


• Chargeback adoptables will be resold. Whomever issues the chargeback will be blacklisted immediately. Don't buy if you can't pay.
• Do not offer what you arent willing to pay, or can't afford. Retracting offers or bids results in an automatic blacklist. Have payment ready on hand. Payment must be sent within 24 hours of claiming an adoptable.
• Sometimes I will do holds, sometimes I will not. If I say I will do holds, I will only hold the adoptable for you for a period of 48 hours. After that, it is free game again, and anyone is free to buy it. Unless I am feeling generous, this is all the time you get.
• I do not do refunds. If you pay, you have made the decision to buy my product. I am not required in any way to refund you. If you send more than required on accident, anything over the original price will be sent back to you.

• Credit me for the design. Simple.
• You may use it outside of dA.
• You may use it for personal, non profit reasons.
• You may use the character as your fursona/character, or change the species/gender as you wish.
• You may make any tweaks to your design. They're yours.
• You may not claim that you designed the adoptable or official artwork.
• You may not use my adoptables for any kind of profit or investment.

• You are allowed to use my artwork of your adoptable anywhere, as long as you:
- credit me with a link to my dA page.
- do not use it for any kind of profit.
- do not claim that you drew it.

• You may only sell the adoptable for the same price you paid, or for less than the price you paid. See the last rule for reselling for more! Vouchers are completely fine, as well.
• If you have gotten your adoptable through a trade or someone gifted it to you, you can not sell it for money or points.
• You cannot sell, trade, or gift to ANYONE on my blacklist. Link below.
• You may not resell a character for virtual currency on any website. [ex: C$ on chickensmoothie, FD/FC on furvilla, etc]
• If you wish to resell a character with multiple pieces of art, I will allow you to sell it for more UNDER THE CIRCUMSTANCE that you note me and discuss a new price for it. Please note me before selling it for a higher price.

These users are not allowed to own and/or buy any characters made by me for any reason.


Failure to comply with my T.O.S. automatically forfeits your ability to own any and all future adopts and/or commissions, and by agreeing to this, you understand that you must follow and comply by my rules. Once you have broken a rule, [depending on the circumstance & rule broken] I reserve the right to revoke or resell a character [literally only if you've scammed/not paid/etc], and I am allowed to do whatever I wish with the character if it comes to it, which includes reselling, or redistributing ownership of the adoptable. Failure to comply with these rules will also result in a blacklist, ban, and potential block from my account.

If you agree to this T.O.S., please write in the comments below "I agree."

Any comments written below that are not with the above statement will be hidden to keep the comments clean for my convenience: if you have any questions or concerns, please contact me via note.

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