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It's that time again...time to go through the folders and see who is and is not adhering to the folder categories!

In 72 hours, we'll begin checking through the recent pages on each folder. Anyone who has been systematically submitting to the wrong folders will receive a permanent ban from the group! D:

At nearly 15k members, we know this group is a valuable resource, so we're giving everyone this advanced notice so that if you have been intentionally submitting to the wrong folders you have this chance to delete those pieces now and keep your membership in good standing. If they're gone before we do our check, you will be allowed to remain!

And psst...if you've once or twice accidentally submitted to the wrong folder, don't worry! We'll only be banning people who have shown a definite and long-standing pattern!

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theliondemon-kaimraHobbyist General Artist
thats not a bad idea XD 
one of the few adopt group i see that do this
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StellafeyDesignsProfessional Digital Artist

Yeah! It's not a huge deal, that's why we give people the opportunity to fix it first. But it's also not something we want to continue perpetually, so this seems a good compromise!