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It's pretty evident, but on the off-chance you hadn't noticed, I've not been around much of late.
Of course, I've got a lot of excuses and some actually legitimate reasons. And actually, to be fair, I was around towards New Year's but I felt like doing a New Year's post seemed like a bit of a well as a thing I've already done, to be entirely honest. So I haven't honestly been on dA or doing much in the way of writing or work lately, really.
The main reason is that I've been really, really, really caught up in school, especially the musical I'm stage managing. But also school in general. And life too. The other main reason being I've been practicing driving in order to pass my drive test, meaning I spent a whole lot of time since winter break ended driving my mom places whenever I wasn't in class or otherwise engaged in schoolwork, which gave me very little spare time to actually do any kind of writing or art, or spend any time really browsing this site. (Oh, speaking thusly, I did pass my test last week and do now have a license.)
And what all this means is that I'm mostly just frustrated at my lack of involvement in art of any kind. But have no fear, children, for I have lots of words left to write, and maybe even some adventures coming worth documenting. In any case, I just thought I'd give a general update and perhaps post something here for everyone so no one thinks I died in the interim between November and present.
Anyways, I really ought to get some sleep and all, so good night everyone.
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Well hello children!
Happy November 11th! And also, happy Veteran's Day!
So October was about the usual mix of busy and annoying. But I did get to start practicing driving a bit, and in the last week I've been driving a lot more so you know, we'll see how that goes.
Also, I had a couple of interviews this weekend with Target to see about working there and I'm honestly kind of hoping I don't get hired because I am mildly terrified of working in retail. But I had to apply somewhere and so I applied at the first place I could think of locally that has an online application. Go figure.
Also, yesterday, I got my hair cut, and re coloured, so I now I have short, red hair. And I'm really happy with it.
Seeing as it's November, I have a lot of friends whose birthdays are happening soon. And of course cold weather has sort of started to show up more. Thank goodness.
I've also been writing a little bit here and there so we'll see what comes of it.
I'll continue to update as things transpire.. And have a nice evening.
(Also I've been frustrated and upset all day and I'm really unclear as to why, so...)
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Which means my favorite holiday is coming. Halloween.
It's my favorite because there has always been a guarantee I can play dress-up and get free candy. Therefore it has always been, and will always be, my favorite.
In other news, 18 doesn't feel different when I'm not thinking about it, but then someone asks my age and I go through a crisis of identity because I don't think I should be allowed to be an adult. At all.
So this is all a convoluted, roundabout way of saying, well...I have been writing lately. But I haven't been posting much lately, for various reasons. So yeah, I hope that I will be able to at least attempt to post more writings and things on this profile, because there is a part of my brain that keeps writing.
And then there's the part that keeps me from writing, so all my good ideas are floating away into the ether, probably to never return. So yeah, while I wanna write more and post more and generally just have people pay more attention to me because I'm lonely and that's how I write best, I have a huge roadblock. Which is that my brain just doesn't wanna cooperate.
So we'll see how this goes.
Happy October!
(PS I may be coerced into applying for work soon, so I may in fact get a job soon, which is intimidating and I don't know how so I literally need someone to help me through it the first time I do it, but if I do get a job, it means I will be less active here than I am now. Sorry for the run-on sentences, they just feel easier to write.)
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Quick little thing to send out I guess. Because I've been very busy lately and wanted to chat really quickly before heading to sleep.
So anyways, hello darlings.
It's been a month or 2. I dunno, that sounds about right.
Anyways, I'm doing well. I'm in college though. Put it down as mildly nerve-wracking and leave it at that. College is not really...well it's not fantastic, off the walls amazing, but it's not terrible. I haven't made as many friends, nor are those friends as close as my many friends from high school. But they are friends nonetheless, which is important.
My social anxiety is much higher of late, which is probably due to the new environment and lack of comfort in said environment.
Oh, I'm taking an intro to tech theatre course, and enjoying it so far, pretty much. And have already had classes cancelled due to illness, which confuses me a bit. 
Oh yeah, in a week it's my birthday. I'm not really the type to ask for stuff, but if you guys wanna send me odd dA gifts, I'd say feel free.
I'm not looking forward to it, in actuality. It's really scary and weird to me. Because I'll be 18. And while that isn't a big deal and I live with the notion that your age is simply all the previous ages under the layer which is your current one. And tonight I'm 12 and can't sleep because I'm nervous about my birthday but mostly because I'm much too busy writing to sleep.
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Hello again! Seeing as it's been a while since i updated you guys, and I've been posting new words and stuff, I felt I ought to explain, at least a bit.
So, officially, I'm back. I would have been much more "back" a month ago, after I'd graduated and gotten through that last little bit of stuff, grad parties and whatnot. But after I got the vast majority of my shit together (graduating, registering for classes, getting my new school ID, sorting out financials, dealing with affection, and getting through it all) I was offered a new computer as a graduation present. So, I said, yes of course I'd like one considering my old one is falling apart and I'm headed into college and all. So naturally, we ordered it and I got to custom build it and then we had to wait for it to be built and shipped. Moral of the story: I waited a month for my computer because I'm dumb and I wanted really badly to have it before starting to really use this site again. Second moral of the story: I'm kind of silly and would have been back last week or even the past few days but I was on a mission trip last week when my computer showed up, and this week I've been recovering from the mission trip and Rocky Horror.
Anyways, this leads me to the update of: I graduated and walked and it was awesome I have a diploma...? So essentially I don't know what to do with that information, which I think is 90% of why I'm going to college - because I still haven't processed the whole "going to be an adult with adult responsibilities and stuff" completely. The other 10% is the standard obligation felt based upon the society I happen to live in + the career I hope to pursue. But you know, it's mostly not knowing what else to do.
Uhm, and seeing as I've been gone doing things for a month, I guess I should say - I still don't have a job, I'm now registered for classes in theater and stuff, and also I spent the last week on a mission trip with a bunch of really attractive counselors and so overall I'm still on a bit of a bent about how attractive our counselors were this year for the mission trip(SSP). I'm also on a bit of a different bent on how attracted I kind of am to a boy I dated at one point in sophomore year for approximately 2 months. It's weird, I know. I'm still working on that one.
And how better to work this shit out than to listen to music loudly and write furiously, or go out with my friends and light off fireworks by an airport?
Either way, it's fun and gets me figuring things out on my own terms which is still significantly better than ignoring things entirely and having them come back when I least want them to be..
And for my final trick I'll mention that if religion and the like starts to pop up in poetry time and again, I'm working out my own spiritual journey and beliefs, so leave me to it. I promise not to bash anything too hard, and to be respectful as possible of any and all beliefs, as much as possible. Until they become toxic. Then I'll stop being respectful.
So yeah that's it babes. I feel like I'm talking to thin air, but I'll do it anyway because for some reason it always makes me feel better.
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I've sort of begun to feel extremely overwhelmed in terms of the number of things I'm being asked to do. Graduation is literally so close, and I am so close to not walking, I can feel it. It kind of sucks, but I know it's not the biggest deal. It's just that it is a big deal to those around me. And there's huge piece of me that feels like a failure every time I look around at my family and my friends and then back at myself. And no one has it together, but I surely have it less together than a lot of the people in my life and it's frustrating and painful.
So for the next 2 weeks, I'll probably write lots and post absolutely nothing and feel desperately bad about it later but I just don't know how else to cope with things right now. I'm feeling the crazy seeping into me and I can barely handle it.
I've been thinking too much and reading too many of my old poems. My old words were kind of pretty, actually. But I spent tonight looking at old poems and old pictures and thinking about the past too much, Which you'd think would be a recipe for disaster. But I've spent most of this time thinking that it's odd how even when I was genuinely happy, you could see sadness in the set of my shoulders, in my eyes, and that is scary. You could see sadness on me like my depression was a full time job with overtime. There's a sadness in those old pictures I'm looking at and I am fascinated and scared by it. But my poems, the stuff inside my head that seeped out onto paper isn't corrosive or scary like the sadness in me in the pictures. Last year I looked and seemed so sad and lost, but I read my poems and they didn't portray the struggle or pain of last year. They were fascinatingly pretty and well versed and not confusing and stumbling and rambling like my actual thoughts. So even though you'd think I would find everything in the world to be anxious over, I've chosen fascination and morbid curiosity in my own mind a year ago.
Don't read too much into anything I post tonight. I'm in a weird kind of mood today and I'm not really sure what's caused it, but I'm dark, I'm toxic, and no one should read too much into anything I post right now because I'm just trying to work through what is going on in my head. Tonight I'm not in a good mood, I'm in a volatile mood. Self harm occurred to me earlier. I haven't succumbed. But I thought I might as well write, as opposed to succumbing to something stupid I'll feel too much tomorrow.
I'm not sure what caused it, but while I could desperately use human contact, the person I wanted to talk to left for swim practice, and he's got that for at least another hour. And will no doubt be too tired to talk to me tonight when he gets back from swimming. So I'm left here online trying to work through everything without any kind of springboard into a better mood. And while it's not my crush or even a perfect guy, he's helpful to talk to and I really could use a friend to listen to me right now. But I don't have one, not really, so please just ignore my sorry attempts at bad writing. I'm aware I'm crap at it, I'm just looking for some feeling other than numb and tired and bored and frustrated. So you know...just ignore me.
Don't read into anything too much either. I'm only as serious as I let myself be, and I promise I'm doing my best. I never said I had it right.
(Sorry if this is triggering or distracting to anyone. I'm not trying to hurt anyone, even myself. Just you know, trying my best.)

...was so perfect. We adventured to all kinds of exotic lands and was so wonderful it's hard to believe that a place I've lived my whole life is actually that pretty and fun.

So today’s adventures were of the best kind, and I had a great day, so naturally I’m gonna blog all about it. So, me, Maddie (not the drama one), Megan, and Chris were all at school right after class got out and found each other and Megan and I were already planning adventures but we added Maddie and Chris to our plans because Chris has a car and Maddie is actually immensely fun to hang out with so…

Basically we just drove over to this area of our town called Springtown and drove to Taco Bell and had lunch and then we drove over to the DW attached to a convenience store and bought rations such as tea and Hostess snacks and candy. And we decided to go to a park I had gotten a recommendation for. And the plan sort of was alright until it fell apart, but then we had so much fun nobody even noticed. So we basically hopped 2 fences to find ourselves by the creek behind the park. And from there…we wandered through the fields to this huge one and there were barbed wire fences and I won’t go into detail but there were a couple of really cool looking trees in the distance we wanted to see so we sort of did, and then we walked around in this field talking about dead bodies and past adventures with other people, including adventures while high, until we found a spot of barbed wire fencing that let us into normal paves roads and we hopped it to find ourselves in a pretty suburban looking neighborhood and we took the first left turn and we wandered through this neighborhood while walking in the middle of the street until we came to a more busy street and we eventually found our way back to Chris’ car. That was phase 1 of our adventure.

After organizing our stuff and testing whether or not I fit comfortably in Chris’ trunk (I do) we left and drove over to an elementary school before voting to go over to Megan and Maddie’s side of town instead since they all live in that direction and we had a car at our disposal. However, in the middle of a conversation, Chris got sidetracked and mentioned something about this really cool spot up in the hills around our valley. And naturally, we all said yes and he drove us up there which was pretty great. I’m pretty sure we spent a good 2 hours up there, just like I’m entirely sure we could’ve spent all afternoon up there no problem. It’s just high enough you can see smog over our valley, and you can see the entire fucking valley. It must look hella cool at night with all the city lights visible and this slight haze over the valley. Anyways. We stayed up there drinking tea, eating snacks and talking about how people must go up there to drink and smoke and have sex, because there was so much trash and glass bottles and shit all around that it made sense. If you looked down the hill we were on, about 30 feet down, there was a couch. I wanted to explore it, but that was private property and the cops patrol that area pretty regularly so…But we did talk and end up sitting on Chris’ car for a while looking at the valley and talking about school and stuff we need to do together. We found the motivation to leave by breaking a glass bottle on the road like the losers we all admitted we are and then leaving real quick after that.

Phase 3 was coasting down the hill since that’s also apparently illegal, while talking about illegal stuff. We then headed over to Megan’s neighborhood. Chris dropped us off and then he had to leave. So the three of us checked in at Megan’s and then we hung out for a few minutes, listened to Panic! and then we ran off to the park across the way from her house and we found a tree to climb. It was excellent, there were tons of pictures, and we talked about doing the same thing next week, since we’ll have the time. More adventures. Maybe we actually will. Anyways, we went back to Megan’s house around 5 so Maddie could get ready to be picked up. And while we were waiting for Maddie then me to leave we talked about crushes and the internet and Tumblr since we all spend a gross amount of time on it and it was mighty excellent, even if we couldn’t do much else after Chris left and all.

Honestly, this has been basically the best day I’ve had in a while and it was so great to relax and hang out with awesome people and just have a generally lovely and carefree day of exploring things. You never realize how awesomely beautiful the place you live is until you’re exploring it with other people. And it’s always cool to discover a new place you never knew about. God it was great and we need to do this again very soon.

The only reason I am posting this here is because it was basically the best day and I need to have as many people aware of it as humanly possible because it was so fucking perfect. Anyways, I'm not gonna write anymore about this, except to say that me and hris are gonna do this a lot more often methinks.

Ha. I'm not quite that optimistic. In fact, me saying that sounds rightly ridiculous to me. I'm still going to be a chocolate loving insomniac and writer with no sense of who I am or where I'm going. I'm still going to be a manic nut case depressive teenage girl with the best musical taste and some of the weirdest friends. I'm not even going to bother to pretend that I'll start eating healthier this year or treating people or myself better, or that I'm going to work harder in school. It simply isn't happening. I'm too honest to say that crap. Happy new year you guys. 2014 will have my every hope. But I dunno, I'm very cynical.
So far this year has been pretty alright. I wished a happy new year to my darling Amanda and Elizabeth, and I drank sparkling cider, then we sat around watching music before setting up the air mattresses we're sleeping on and starting watching Labyrinth on Amanda's laptop. Also, we baked brownies and I made myself several cups of tea. All in the space of 2 hours and 40-odd minutes. But still, it could get worse. Anytime.
In fact, I expect it to.
So lately, I've been reorganizing things. By lately, I mean in the last 24 hours. People claim that reorganizing the physical can actually help you reorder your thoughts, and Christ knows, I need that. In abundance. Well, to be fair, I've cleaned my room so that the appraiser we had come today to take pictures and shit, and appraise our house, would have an easy time getting around. And also so that I might at least get some of a chance to unpack my boxes before having to repack them again. Although, from what it sounds like, I might have no need of unpacking, when my parents make it sound like we're either downsizing within town, or moving out of town and scaling up.
Either way, my bedroom is clean. And it's weird. Right now, I'm awake at an un-Godly hour (if you ask my parents, that is), and sitting in a blanket all comfy and cozy and pretending that my dark room is still the cluttered mess I had made it into. At least when my room is cluttered I don't notice the empty space, or how small I am within my own room.
But what this means is that I got in the way of thinking of cleaning up other things. I already went and cleaned Twitter, Facebook, and the several blogs I have and keep on Tumblr. And this is just to inform people that I've finally gotten around to my Gallery here on dA. I went through and published all pertinent works, and reorganized the categories my works were divided into. I also created folders for the works in my Gallery. And over the next couple days, I'm going to make an attempt at transferring my work for Killjoys Never Die into my Gallery, and the right folder. Crossed fingers that it actually happens in the midst of all the flurry of change going on around me, plus the work to remain normal.
Augh wish me luck!
- Stella
PS The play I wrote about in my last journal entry was a complete success, and the production enjoyed larger revenue over the course of 3 nights than any of our previous productions. I will try to post pictures of my set design when possible, with all the credit to the appropriate parties, as I don't own a camera with which to document such experiences. Yet.
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So it's been a really long and difficult week, fulls of some really wonderful road blocks. The most prominent of which, I'll talk about in a few minutes. But see, despite it all, I still had an exceptionally decent couple of days in all of it. My single most favorite day of the year, Halloween, was just 2 days ago, and I can hardly believe it. After all, my holiday, and it's already over..But obviously, that's not entirely true, because I carry the spirit of Halloween with me year-round, the way some people carry the spirit of Christmas. But whatever, Halloween was great, I got the biggest candy take I've had in a very, very, very long time, and I went trick-or-treating with my bestest friends. Yayyyyy!
So, the next part - my beloved Drama Company at my school is becoming active again. And in 2 weeks, our show is opening. Last night was one of 2 very prominent road blocks in my last couple of weeks, which is that adults don't listen to teenagers, even when the teenagers most definitely know better. Because most adults treat teenagers as children or adults based on which is more beneficial, therefore making it impossible for us to escape a situation without blame. I will grant that politeness is difficult when they entered our space like they owned it and immediately told us it was theirs and we needed to leave. But they didn't have to tell us cleaning up after their silly elementary/middle school craft fair was our problem, nor did they have to accuse us of yelling at them, make fun of our concern for their treatment of our equipment and materials, or make my lovely stage manager Mariel cry. They really didn't, and somewhere in that all, I actually had a panic attack, so what does this tell us about the way they were treating us? Not to mention the blatant disregard they showed for our entire show, first calling it a "silly little play" and second stopping our rehearsal several times to make us move things in the space out of their way. The only reason they even got away with it is because our normal staff adviser and director was out sick, and the staff supervisor he asked to watch us was in a meeting most of the afternoon. So it was just a bunch of teenagers, up against a couple of moms and their children.
And the second, really frustrating roadblock this week was, well.....a person approached me on about one of my stories, claiming it was against the rules of the site. She accused me of breaking the rules, and she threatened to report me to the FF staff if I didn't delete the story myself. While I'm aware that my particular story falls into the grey area of the rules, I am also aware that it's a very subjective view of the rules, and I can't count on any staff member to take my side, any more than I can count on them to take hers. So, basically, I'm making the choice to not take a risk of losing my account, although she is somewhat harassing/bullying me in her discourse, and I'm really pretty sure that I'm in the right about the story in question. In so deleting my story, which is basically my baby, I have realized that I can still migrate it to another website that will accept the story, an AU fanfiction of a comic and concept album. And so, because of the fact that the usernames are the same for this and FanFiction, I've made the choice to move my story to dA, at least on a temporary basis, depending upon the reception. This is for the convenience of the followers of the story, assuming they still would like to follow the story considering its migration.
So you can expect over the next day or so to see 10 or 11 chapters of my FF posted.
Good day, all.
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Feeling strangely reflective, seeing as I haven't had much use out of this thing, although I have certainly made art since creating. It's just that somewhere in between creating and uploading, I get sidetracked and start a new project or something. Or I just tune out to music I enjoy.
And I've been wondering if I ought to erase my account, replace it perhaps.
I've decided not to, but I was wondering if there might be some sort of trick for remembering things like, I dunno, putting my work online? Because I do have work, lovely work, beautiful work, work I'm desperately proud of and I want people on these lovely interwebs to be able to feat their eyes on my work, enjoy the power of my newfound words.
So I dunno.
I'll figure something out, but this is a cry to everyone out there to please, for the love of all things Unholy, please tell me some memory things I can do so I will actually be able to post my work online.
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Finally, my parents updated technology in our house. I'm still limited in my time on this site, for a great number of reasons, but I might well end up being able to upload my many doodles and things now, and actually start posting things. No promises, of course, but I am seriously thinking about this. And by now, I'm pretty sure it's a great idea, as well as being achievable.
Oh, by the way. I really recommend the book "Broken Soup" by Jenny Valentine. <3
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Well, after a very long hiatus, I am finally back into the groove of writing poetry and such, so I think that I'm going to begin posting it again. I might even start posting some pictures I draw and such....haha
But yeah. I've been missing this site so much, and so I have decided to return. I think I will post my poems probably one or two  a week, because I'm not a super duper fast writer. But be assured that I am actually back for real.
That is, if you actually enjoy my company...
I shall go listen to more music and type up my English paper, then I'll post a poem for anyone who's interested...
<3 Stella
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I've been quiet recently. In fact...I have been dormnant on here. And, in all honesty, I am simply too lazy to post anything. So I suppose you all culd consider this my Hibernation notice. I am sorry, but for now, th only ting I'll be able to do is stir occasionally-that is, get on and discover some new artists that I enjoy. Thus...I am going into hibernation, and I apologize for not giving better notice. Until whenever... (:
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So, in case you (whoever you happen to be)haven't noticed, my birthday recently came and went. (Though, I'm assuming one hasn't noticed on their own, and not because it's not posted. If that were the case, I'd feel bad.) But see, I'm only bringing this to people's attention, because, for me, my birthday also signals the official beginning of fall, school, and fun stuff (clubs, mostly) Basically, though, i think of my birthday as the start to a brand new year...And I look forward to my birthday for more than the gifts. And no, I don't particularly enjoy thinking of the fact that I am a year older, an therefore, I only have (4) more years until I legally don't have to rely on my parents. Scary that thought is to me, so I often ignore such thoughts.
But yes, this still signals a new beginning to me. I know how some people think of spring as new beginnings, or think of fall as simply the beginning of another (generally boring) school year. I don't, though this may just be because I was born in the fall, but I think of fall as an entirely new beginning, the best time ever to start over. Plus I like that the season I was born in is the only season where it's acceptable to call it eitheer one of two names. (fall, or autumn.) I may just be weird in that way, but I wouldn't trade my birthday for a summer birthday, ever. Even if it would mean I got more B-Day parties as a child...
I love myslfe just the way I am, and I love my birthday.
But maybe I should've been born about ten days earlier...
Hey, whoever there is...
If you are looking at my profile, I wrn you that it's probably better than my art. But I'd still like people to look at my lovely(?) art. Really, because I'm mostly writing poetry, I figure it's not that good and I might as well just continue writing with the hopes that I get better.
I'm pretty good with critique, so if there's any advice, I will be thankful, since Professional, I am not. So if you do have any thoughts, please just comment on the piece of work in question. It can be good, it can be bad. i don't care as long as I can tell that somebody's there and reading it.
Okay. I guess my overall message is just that I would like to see some people commenting, since I like them to do so. It means somebody is looking at my work.
Anyway...Good night, since, here, it is 11 pm, and tomorrow I still have school.
Just please Comment! I'll be your bestest friend!
----------------------------End Transmission------------------------------
->Stella Luna
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Here I am, World!
I have just joined DeviantArt, and I am quite proud of myself. After my bestie harassing me to get an account for two years, I have finally joined.
Now what?
Well, I guess you and I will just find out together, eh?
---------------------------End Transmission--------------------------------
Luv Ya,
Stella Luna