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Brown Eyes
I love your eyes.
I could write songs and rhyming poems,
and whole books or theses
on your eyes
and the beauty or depths
they contain.
There are many shades of
from dirt to chocolate,
dog shit to coffee,
carob to bourbon,
but none of these
come anywhere close to describing
the shade of your stupid eyes,
in their beauty (or ugliness).
The way they enrapture me
and distract me from my work
or pull my attention away from
my television shows
or baking
has always been loathsome and annoying,
but your eyes are still
my favourite shade of brown
for all the depths they contain
that I wish to traverse,
to explore,
to discover,
and to understand.
I don't know what it is,
when you are so dumb sometimes,
when your eyes glitter with
such mischief,
that makes me love them
so goddamn much.
Although, I can guess.
It might be the beauty,
or the humour,
the personality,
the colour....
But I think it's the way
your eyes
get away from so many cliches
and simply add to your complexity,
my freaky,
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Brownies :iconstella-g1rl:Stella-g1rL 1 0
Mature content
25 things :iconstella-g1rl:Stella-g1rL 1 0
"You always smile like you're about to cry."
I remember when you told me that.
We were lying together, and it was nearly dark,
and I could see the smoke
curling up away from your face,
which was lit by a cigarette.
I suppose after you left, I needed to get rid of
traces that reminded me of you.
The scent of your perfume was easy,
as simple as doing the laundry.
But your cigarettes lingered
so now I burn incense
day in and day out while I write,
and smoke my cigarettes,
and drink more coffee than I should.
And I can't help but think
that ashes are all that is ever left of my relationships.
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Scattered Thoughts
My thoughts have always been scattered
like ash in the warm summer breeze
that one morning after.
The magic of that night;
cannot find words to contain it -
could never find the melodies played -
could never reclaim that feeling.
For only sixteen,
we surely captured something fantastic;
Even today I think back to her -
her skin warm against mine in the cold evening
while huddling next to a bonfire
and eating ice cream...
I think of everything from that night
over and again
and never come any closer to solving the enigma of it.
She was like a cigarette,
addictive and dangerous
and I never quite managed another fix.
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Chapter 13: Early Sunsets Over Monroeville
Gerard was finally in the car, along with Mikey and Ray, when Frank appeared. Gee groaned as soon as he saw the look on Frank’s face. Frank got to the window of the car, and sighed. “Let me guess. The car doesn’t work?” Gee said.
“Uh, yeah. Sorry, guys. But the good news is, the VW right over there works, and I have the keys.”
“Whose Karmann is that?” Ray asked, looking at the dark, mottled purple car with desert dust caked onto it, inches thick.
“Long story,” Frank said. “And I have a couple of things to do inside. I’m gonna get some food and shit for us. Here,” he handed Gerard the keys. “Go get into the car, preferably the back seat. I’ll be back in a few minutes, hopefully before Dracs get here.”
He jogged back inside. Gerard groaned, before he opened the car door and got up. He dragged himself over to the Karmann, as Ray and Mikey helped each other over to the car. Gee unlocked it and g
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Undress Me
Is that
what they said?
Or is it just
what you heard?
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Love Is Complicated :iconstella-g1rl:Stella-g1rL 0 0
Roses and the Boys that Bring Them
You always brought me roses
as if that made things better.
Their petals bruised as easily as my skin,
and you noticed their bruising more.
I told you, once, the reason why
I love roses too much.
You smiled and kissed my hand
then forehead
and, still smiling, said
"That's so sweet, love."
My dad cultivated roses when I was a child
and when my brother bought the house,
the roses stayed,
all but one bush. Which
just happened
to be the bush that produced my favorite roses.
You cut me roses fresh from that park,
and I remember smiling,
and kissing you.
I didn't realize you took this as an invitation,
nor did I realize
some people see sex as a bargain.
The commonality of roses
when I was a kid
made many people laugh when I told them
roses are my favorite.
And many told me it was a cliche.
You didn't.
You brought me a single rose,
but never gave me your name.
Even though I already knew anyway,
I kind of wish you'd told me
so I could've kissed you.
You told me I was
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My sadness is so crippling
some days,
I just want to get rid of it.
I think of what it would be like,
to be the me I am now,
without the sadness to have guided my way
and the anxiety to steer my course.
But then comes the thought
that keeps me awake at night.
That my sadness, this curse,
while not pleasant,
is what makes me interesting.
And suddenly I don't want to get rid of it.
After all,
without my sadness,
I'd just be so boring...
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I Wish I Knew
"Be who you are
and say what you feel
because those who mind
don't matter
and those who matter
don't mind."
Somehow those words
though meant to comfort
could never quite meet that purpose.
I always figured I was too sensitive.
Categorized it as my own fault
that people could hurt my feelings,
"no one can make you feel
without your consent."
I never could have imagined the reason
that words hurt me so much
was chemical, 
in the makeup of my brain
and had nothing to do
with the quality of my character.
Even today
I find myself
convinced that first and foremost
these things are my own fault
because of the large quantity of words
implying that's the case.
My heart hurts for the time
when I could just blindly believe these things
but now to believe them
is to accept blame for being made to feel terrible
on a regular basis
for my numerous inadequacies.
And although a part of me is more than ready
more than willing
to accept my blame
the majority thinks
it is not me to b
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I honestly just need
to take the sort of care with me
that I take
with those I care about.
I bake.
I hug them.
I say it when I love them.
I tell the truth.
I tell them words I mean.
I compliment them as often as I see them.
I just
wish for someone
who won't leave me
some connection.
Someone who understands
the sort of care I need.
Because sometimes
I just need someone to absentmindedly
run a hand over my hair, my skin,
to hold me because they want to hold me.
I just need someone who understands that
taking care of me
is as simple
as converting your feelings
from verbal or visual or giving
to tactile.
Because all I need is
the simplicity of another human being
right there with me.
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I spend so much time caring so much about people
The people that matter to me.
I just
care so deeply,
so whole-ly
for these people that are important to me,
that it hurts and it drains me
when it is unreciprocated.
My love for these people
burns me out and hurts me
like I'm
the filament in a lightbulb.
So flimsy and weak that
before long
I need to be replaced.
Which would explain perfectly why
those people that I care so much about
and cling to so much
let go of me so easily.
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I'm constantly writing
to dispel
some of the mess
the noise
the frustration
the color
the saturation
in my head.
My head is far too crowded
and so I make my notebooks
and blogs
and online accounts
as crowded as possible
in a desperate bid for some
breathing space
in my head.
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Mature content
'Those things will kill you, you know.' :iconstella-g1rl:Stella-g1rL 1 0
Mature content
Getting by got hard too fast :iconstella-g1rl:Stella-g1rL 1 0




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Stella Luna (Kayleigh)
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Nothing to know, except that I'm addicted to caffeine, late nights, books, and writing badly.
I am a stagehand and poet, mostly. Though I doodle un-necessarily, and I tend to take too many pictures, or not enough...Most of mine claim to be okay, though, so.....

Current Residence: California
Favourite genre of music: Mostly Pop Punk, but I'll listen to just about anything.
Favourite style of art: Currently enjoy poetry, photography, and just words in general.
Favourite cartoon character: Tigger
Actual Name: Kayleigh
Penname: Stella Luna Parker
It's pretty evident, but on the off-chance you hadn't noticed, I've not been around much of late.
Of course, I've got a lot of excuses and some actually legitimate reasons. And actually, to be fair, I was around towards New Year's but I felt like doing a New Year's post seemed like a bit of a well as a thing I've already done, to be entirely honest. So I haven't honestly been on dA or doing much in the way of writing or work lately, really.
The main reason is that I've been really, really, really caught up in school, especially the musical I'm stage managing. But also school in general. And life too. The other main reason being I've been practicing driving in order to pass my drive test, meaning I spent a whole lot of time since winter break ended driving my mom places whenever I wasn't in class or otherwise engaged in schoolwork, which gave me very little spare time to actually do any kind of writing or art, or spend any time really browsing this site. (Oh, speaking thusly, I did pass my test last week and do now have a license.)
And what all this means is that I'm mostly just frustrated at my lack of involvement in art of any kind. But have no fear, children, for I have lots of words left to write, and maybe even some adventures coming worth documenting. In any case, I just thought I'd give a general update and perhaps post something here for everyone so no one thinks I died in the interim between November and present.
Anyways, I really ought to get some sleep and all, so good night everyone.
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