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February 2015

My favourite illustration from my final uni project. I graduated today - top grade with a distinction :heart:

Tools: Ink, watercolour, white gel-pen on 30x42 cm watercolour paper.

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I love the contrast of warm and cool colors in this. The abundance of mushrooms and moss really convey that "primeval, untouched forest" look well. The subtle suggestion of branches in the distant background are also a great touch.

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Thank you! <3

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I love how you did this character and that tree!
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You're welcome!
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Great colours, great composition! Well done!
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The color are so gorgeous!
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I saw this one a while back but recently paid closer attention to it. First off, a character with its back towards the viewer is not a pose that you see often, there is a good reason for it here I know, but it's nice to see something different in that sense. Then, well, I just love her hair and expression, she feels mysterious, otherworldly and unwelcoming, like she has her own life and reminds you (the viewer) that you are quite the peeping tom! And all those little mushrooms and squiggly branches, the ginger, autumn colors, the use of light, create this somewhat eerie, abundant sense of place, one that belongs to an Other, both close and far away..  

Lastly, as always, it's nice to learn mythology with your work. The Wikipedia entry about the Huldra is nice but focuses mainly on linguistics, so I quickly found this, which gives a solid description; it helped me pick up on a major detail of the painting that I didn't get before, and there is also a Norwegian movie (Thale) based on the Huldra, which could be interesting (?).   

And a Happy Birthday to you too, belated :8Bparty: (a little birdie told me, then flew away)
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Thank you so much for such a thoughtful comment! I did spend quite some time on planning this composition, so I'm glad to see the meaning in it doesn't remain unnoticed. I'm going to check out that movie, too.

And thank you for the wishes, too, I had a good day :heart:
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Her expression is just exquisite, and all little mushrooms are delightful.
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This is absolutely beautiful.
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Yay, someone drew a Huldra!!!! Absolutely incredible, wow!
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Very beautiful work!! The lightning is very beautiful and I love all the little mushrooms!^^, Congratulations on the graduation too!
I also got inspired to draw a Huldra soon, I've been following this Swedish series called "Jordskott" that has a lot of scandinavian folklore in it, just love that!
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Thank you, Sandra :heart:
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Top grade with distinction? I want to say I'm surprised, but I can't. Congrats on graduating!!! I can see why this one of one of your favorites, I just love the feel of it. Especially the color scheme and the detail in her hair. I'll stop rambling about how lovely this is -- I'm looking forward to this future book! :D
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I love the way you illustrate Scandinavian mythology! I feel like I've learned something by looking at it.
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