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Duncan the Barkeep

Duncan beholds his newly bought tavern. He had finally achieved his lifelong dream, owning his own establishment. Something to call his own. No more lurking in the shadows looking for the next coin by bashing in the head of the nearest wealthy local. No more running for his life from the law.
He was now a somewhat upstanding citizen with a tavern to call his own.
But at what cost? He had betrayed his only two friends for this kind of money.  Most people would buckle under the sheer mass of the guilt of what he had done. Luckily, Duncan is not like most people. He shoves his feelings deep below and instead revels in what he has now.

So this is the beginning of a new reference sheet I've been working on for my former medieval bandit named Duncan, who is now a proud tavern owner. More drawings to come^^
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After what the duncan did to his friends, sooner or later it will take revenge on him. I suspect that as a revenge, his former colleagues will kidnap him and hold him hostage until the property is settled.

Duncan is cool guy but he has evil in his genes

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Oh no! He had an accident!
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Lol fighting merchant guards to be able to rob the merchant, hardly counts as a accident =p

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HANDSOME bear! :D Awww, but that's sad, that he betrayed his friends like that. I wonder if that'll come back to bite him... provided those friends are even still alive! ^^

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Why thank you! :#1:

Well I wanted to move him to this point in time so I can use his tavern as a hub location for my other lesser used fantasy character.

Oh and yeahhhh it will most likely come back to bite him ;-)

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You're welcome! Oh, sounds cool! :)

LOL, yeah... what goes around, comes around. ^^

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