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Art-trade collab: Minotaur marauder

By SteinWill
I thought it was about time I finished my  art-trade with :icondagootter: who wished me to lineart and colour his drawing
I know I should have added the skull pattern to his mask but I really don't feel like it with the hours I work these days so I hope you like it anyhow^^
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Damn, talk about horsepower.  Him with the sword and armor.
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haha shouldn't it be more like cowpower instead? :lol: COW POWAR! 
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Woooooooooooooooah ^^ I just wanna say my Friend that you indeed made an awersome work ^^ - I am really glad that you did this! ^^ I am really glad to see my Hunky minotuar in colour version (Hopefully, I will once start do colour drawing too soon... nah Xd ) - In colour he looks really interesting ^^ Anyway; THANK YOU so much for your aversome art-trade ^^ - That was so great pleasure can do this with you, and draw for you my part, and now see your part for me ^^ :3 

Ah, and really don't worry with that skull pattern on his mask X3 ;) I very good understand your situation Bro, so you don't need apolgize ;)

THANKS!!! ^^
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Ah thanks great to hear you like it so much^^
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Really good that you've finally gotten this done. I hope your friend thinks it was worth the wait because I certainly do! You've done a fantastic job with the colours and that yellow highlighting has worked really well. The cloth hanging off his leg is especially impressive as you've run all the highlights along the folds.

The fuzzy, black sheepskin came out very well with the brush you used to shade it. The hard lines between light and shadow work well for it, since when you have material like that, it's quite a different colour if it's rubbed one way or the other.

The metal plate looks cool too and I realised that you don't draw sheets of metal very often. It's a pity, since your technique for them is great. The different layers of colour built up create a convincing effect of roughly hammered steel. Something I've found useful for metal that you could try is for scratches in the metal, you can highlight the edge that's facing the light. It's pretty quick and adds a lot of depth.

But yeah, I'm glad to see you've gotten this out. It's a cool drawing and you've really done it justice I think. I'll go and have a look at your friend's gallery too, his idea of minotaurs is clearly a little different to mine, but it's cool in it's own way.
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ah thanks! when I returned to the drawing now to look at it I must admit I'm actually very pleased with this and I did indeed put a hell alot of work into all this shading and lineart.  yea adding scratches to the metal is defently the next level I have to aim for since that is an excellent idea^^
so thanks mate =)
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ah thanks mate!^^
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Your welcome! x3
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why thank you!^^
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You are welcome! Minotaurs are great warriors!
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Do you have any more drawings? Maybe of your guys tied up and in peril.
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oh I have more such drawings planned^^ though those kinds of drawigns usually get posted more often on my FA account than DA. but we'll see, I have game over scene I want to get around to draw^^
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