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By StefTastan

er, this is sort of old, there were some aspects of it I wasn't quite happy with, so I took a moment to fix stuff up!

FINALLY changed the background, it's not exactly what I hoped for, but it's better than the grayness of the previous picture
added more contrast and minor photoshop filters.

I wanna post another halloween gift, 'cause... you know, I posted this one in june xD so..

happy halloween!


sketched on crappy paper
openCanvas color
photoshop touchups


closeups (of the old one ;_;)

Hydra shot
Town in Background
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I know it was posted 12 years ago...but it still deserves some attention <3
I love the details on the pumpkins and the skull. And the young man looks very adorable too! :meow: This whole picture is such a delicious and wonderful spooky thing :heart:
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Looking great  !! loving the colors .
SpookyCreationsRebel's avatar
This will forever be one of my favourite Halloween pictures on the entire internet. I just love it so goddamn much!
StefTastan's avatar
!!! Thank you for the kind comment! It's been almost ten years since I drew it, thank you for bringing back good memories. :3
SpookyCreationsRebel's avatar
You're welcome! I'm thinking it might be almost ten years since I first saw it too. Wow. Time flies. To me it doesn't feel that long since DeviantArt was new.
Princess-Amy-of-Love's avatar
this looks really good
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I am just picturing the eye that's hidden by hair is a spiral like The Mayor has XD
Scarecrow113's avatar
I love halloween
Purple20's avatar
your pic has been featured here: [link]
beauty888's avatar
Cool and spooky at the same time! its featured here: [link]
agentswift's avatar
This is delightful design. He is so cute, yet refined with a glimmer of mischief in his eyes. Great color usage, too. Awesome!
StefTastan's avatar
thank you very very much! glad you like it
StefTastan's avatar
awesome, thank you!
Misa-Amane-17's avatar
Love the creepiness of it
SpookyCreationsRebel's avatar
God, I adore this picture!
Would you mind if I shared it with a few more people on
It's a website where one can 'heart' pictures from other websites. Don't worry, there will be a link to the original picture above the hearted one.
SpookyCreationsRebel's avatar
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This is wicked.
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