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Undead Journey - [THE HIGH PRIESTESS]

The High Priestess represents wisdom, serenity, knowledge and understanding. She is often described as the guardian of the unconscious. She sits in front of the thin veil of awareness, which is all that separates us from our inner selves. The High Priestess knows the secret of how to access these realms. She represents spiritual enlightenment and inner illumination, divine knowledge and wisdom. She has a deep, intuitive understanding of the Universe and uses this knowledge to teach rather than to try to control others. The High Priestess Tarot card represents a link to the subconscious mind, which cannot be accessed through the everyday world but only through dreams and symbols.


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I love this tarot idea but I think Yuria of Londor would be a better match for the High Priestess. With the whole "knows secrets of the subconscious and inner self, spiritual enlightenment and inner illumination", it really is similar to how Yuria (and Yoel) draw the inner self of the Ashen One through the Dark Sigil, and how they reveal our true, unshackled nature as a hollow and a being of Dark.
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Thank you, I agree with that insight and actually am sort of upset I didn't think of it sooner, haha. I guess I was a little blindsided because I actually was planning to put Yuria of Londor as the Devil, what with the promises of power and eventual lordship they'd grant a power-hungry Ashen One, but then eventually switched her to Nashandra.

So I guess I'll have to see in what other opportunity I can feature Yuria, which sucks because I really like that character. :(

Thank you for your comment!
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Hahah no worries! Yuria is a complex character. She's obviously a nod to Mephistopheles from Demon's Souls, which was an evil character altogether, telling you to kill innocents for some surreptitious purpose. Yuria and Mephistopheles' idle animations are the almost the same. if I recall correctly.

Yuria seems just as secretive and suspicious as Mephistopheles, but in the end she seems to be more of a morally grey character of sorts, at most.

I'm not too familiar with Tarot, but there seems to be a concept of "reversed" cards. Like, if a card is displayed upside down, it has a different meaning, although this meaning has some ties with the original, regular display of the card. Perhaps Yuria could be the reversed High Priestess?

Just a though :)
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people saying yuria and the church of dark was right, and although this is up to individual interpretation, some lore details point out they are actually trying to fool you, or either are actualy being folled, being that starting an age of dark is equivalent of throwingthe world to the abyss, not only that, but they worship the covetuous serpents wich are pratically the embodyments of greed and lust for power, who are tricking them to throw the world into the abyss and recover their power, even if that is the "natural course of the world" and the cicle of flames is slowing down the human kind, the age of dark is still bad, and its exactly what artorias and the abyss watchers tried to protect the world from, the end of the fire would be the better ending, even if it is starting an age of dark, the firekeeper said a new light would come eventually, meaning it wouldnt last forever, and humanity would be able to evolve, wich for me is what lead to bloodborne
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There isn't much to support the notion that the age of dark is actually bad. Dark itself is said numerous times to be something inherent to man, and according to some items in Dark Souls 2, it is actually "a thing of tranquility, a thing serene" if undisturbed. We personally see in the Dark Firelink Shrine that the age of dark has little difference to the age of fire, except it is dark and has a more empty feel - there aren't ANY abyssal monsters roaming about, just the occasional hollow here and there. The Manus thing was a completely different scenario. It is also debatable if the primordial serpents even still exist in the events of Dark Souls 3, and I certainly never saw Yuria say anything about any serpent, so she and her church probably have little to with them. Yuria is merely trying to have mankind recover its rightful importance and power, which was usurped by the gods in the act of the Linking of the Flame. But everyone just keeps telling you to be submissive and continue the failed heritage of the (now dead) gods just for the sake of it. There is no point in that and Yuria knows it.
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i readed that the implication of yuria and the church of dark following the serpents is implied in the previous games, i know about the dark shrine and the thing of dark is something natural, but i still think doing what yuria told you to do is wrong, i didnt linked the fire because i also know the flame is a burden for mankind and it also seems you are not fit to link it anyway, so i choose to let the firekeeper end it, as she says a new light would rise one day, felt like the age of dark wouldnt last for long, and mankind would finally evolve
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Actually, scratch what I said. If you kill Yuria at some point in the game, she outright says "Kaathe, your dying wish was not fulfilled" (in tha Japanese translation - the English version says "Kaathe, I have failed thee". So, yes, they DO carry out what Kaathe wanted. Still, debatable whether or not it is truly a bad thing to do. I think I would let the flames die too, that seems to be the true and natural Age of Dark. The Yuria ending seems like you steal the fire within yourself so NO ONE EVER will link it again, and the world doesnt become dark, but some weird twilight, Still, I don't think Yuria is like, say, Mephistopheles from Demon's Souls (even though Yuria is a blatant reference to her).
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Yup! There are reversed cards. The problem is, if I do one reversed card, I would have be fair and draw reverse cards for everyone. Which would be a pretty cool idea, so if that happens I will definitely consider giving Yuria a place in the major arcana.

And now that the DLC trailer rolled out I'm a little nervous new characters could be introduced that serve a better purpose than the ones I have drawn. :( 
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beautiful! luv your art n txt!^^:))
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We need this printed.
Can't wait for the release of the tarot collection! It's a thing, right? Right?
StefTastan's avatar
I'm hoping it'll be a thing.

I'll keep posting the cards as I make them, and I'll definitely be sure to let everyone know when the decks are available for purchase. Not anytime soon though.
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Don't worry, I'll keep remembering you! :D

Keep up the good work! :)
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Woow! It's amazing!
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Thus art makes me wish I was good at Dark Souls. ;-;
StefTastan's avatar
dark souls gets easier when you summon people!
swimmityswoogity's avatar
You right you right.
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dark souls gets easier when u git gud
StefTastan's avatar
that too, but sounds like that person doesn't have time to git gud, hence the advice
swimmityswoogity's avatar
;A; but that'll take too long. 😰
7cAB7's avatar
hahah true! :)
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Beautiful gradients, and I like her head piece.
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