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It's been a  year since my last journal entry, and my activity on this gallery has been rather sporadic...
However, I am very pleased to see that people are appreciating my work and my models, which is truly a great honor for me.

Thank you very much.

Furthermore, I would like to let you know that I am running a little blog lately, dedicated to our hobby. In this blog I include many photos of my models ( although I need to include more, which will happen in the near future ), as well as a host of articles about the gaming aspect of the Warhammer 40k hobby. Here is the link:

Home of Cadaver

Please check it out, I think you will find some interesting stuff in there. I plan to include some tutorials of my upcoming projects, as well as quality articles about the game.

So, until the next journal update, I salute you.
Stefanos Kapetanakis, out.
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Hello Watchers,

I know you dont hear from me very often...its already been a year since my last journal entry and I thought that its about time to share some thoughts with you.

2011 has been a quite peculiar year for me. Having finished school I started my life as a university student , moved to a new town (Spartaaaaa!!)  to attend my university and along with some other things that happened , I had to chance my lifestyle and the way I perceive things to a great degree.

This year I also participated in the ETC tournament for the 40k , which was a great chance for me to meet new people and take some initiative to actually do something that matters. For those of you who don't know what is the ETC tournamet: it is a grand tournament organized by fans and is team based. Most european countries participate with 1 team each , consisted of 8 people. There are 6 rounds of games and each player is paired with another from the opponent team.

Anyway, it was not easy for us to find 8 people for Team Greece...the first captain of the team made many announces, trying to gather players to join , but there was simply no interest... We had to get to personal contact with some good players in order to convince them to join....months after , the team consisted of only 5, I had to contact some foreign "mercenaries " from Poland to join the team and play on our behalf.

And so we managed to form a team and go to Switzerland for the ETC. I was elected to be the captain of the team which was a great honor. The tournament lasted for 2 days and we had a great chance to meet people from all over the world who shared the same passion as we do. The gaming level was truly higher from anything we had experienced before , but the players were very kind and friendy , we felt right at home!

From an artistic perspective , it was a chance for me to get my tyranid army finished for the tournament. I began the painting of the first gaunt at March , and I had to finish the entire army before August! That meant that I only had 5 months to paint:
1 Hive Tyrant
2 Tervigons(including the conversion process)
5 hive guards
2 zoanthropes
16 genestealers
30 gargoyles
5 Raveners
75 gaunts ( enough for the tervigons to spawn freely!! )

With that insane number of models , I had quite a challenge to face. Thankfully everything was finished before the tournament , painted to a great standard. However, I think you all realise that I spent those 5 months with a brush on my hand and literally hundrends of models lined up in front of me waiting to get their paintjob done....
  But everything went better than expected and that's what matters. I even managed to paint 2 Trygons just because I love the models!

I will post many pictures of the army in the near future , I know I probably should have posted them already but I just can't get my lazy ass to get the camera......

  And hopefully I will update the journals entry a little more often... :P
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Some words from me.

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 1, 2010, 12:40 PM

Hello dear watchers.

  I seriously dont know if there are people out there who are actually really " watching " my work...Ah , well , this journal entry is only for the people who appreciate my pieces of art. If you are not interested , just remove me from you " watchers" list , please.

  Its been like...9 months since my last journal entry , and thus probably 9 months since I uploaded any pieces of my work...Well , the truth is that I barely had time to create anything , because of , well , what else , school...
Being in the last class of the senior high school means that the final exams are to be taken on a national level..The national Greek exams..
I had to dedicate myself into studying the demanded material and spend many hours of auxiliary lessons...a hell my friends , a true hell..

But now all these things belong to the past. For now I have finished school and so , no kind of obligations can limit my precious time.
And now that " time " is a luxury that comes unlimited , I took a closer look at my gallery , and specifically at the Blood Angels miniatures section. The truth is , that the picture quality is rather mediocre , something perfectly normal for an amateur photographer , and so , the whole gallery needs to be " expurged " and replaced with some high quality photos.So, I will try to get better shots of the models , and actually learn how to do this.

Thats why I decided to set up a small " studio " in order to create the best photograph conditions. Whats more its true that with age comes experience , and the models that seemed flawless to me some months (or years ) ago , now show off all their " imperfection"...I will just try to achieve a greater level of paintjob , perhaps someday equal to the 'eavy metal members masterclass models.So , expect to see some decent models from me.
About the sketches , I have a lot of them lying on my desk , and I will upload them soon.

  What I want from you is some feedback on the work that I will upload in the following weeks. I would really appreciate it if you could post a comment on my work , or even offer me some advice , in order to improve my skills.

          Yours sincerely
        Stefanos Kapetatakis (Stefoserpent)

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Hello everybody,

  its been a long time ( over 6 months :P ) since I posted anything in my journal...So,during those months , I have finished one of my 2 Assault squads , and I am really satisfied cause I believe that the models turned out great! Now I only need to finish another Assault Squad , 6 Attack Bikes , a Veteran Assault Squad , 5 Death Company marines , 2 Baal Predators....omg , thats a lot of work!

The bad thing is that this year I wont have the time to paint models on a daily basis...School have started and its my final year so I have to prepare myself for the National exams....thus , modeling and painting can only take place during weekends,vacations etc....Father Sanguinius please forgive me!

                                                            Thanks for your time

P.S. I got my hands on a Space Hulk pack , which means I will add another 11 or more terminator models to my painting program...I have started the painting already , so I will post some pics asap!
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Hello everybody.

I have received my models ( Forge World ftw ) and I've started painting the Assault Squads. Currently , I have 3 models finished. When I finish the entire squad , I will post photos.

                                                                       Stay Heavy.
After months of hard work , I finished my standard list :

2 Tactical Squads , 1 Captain , 1 Dreadnought and many more.

Currently , I am preparing a list based on the 8th Company , with many Assault Squads , Attack Bikes and Veterans.
To give them an unique look , I will give them MKIV helmets , and the veterans will consist of 10 Red Scorpion Vanguard models. I cant wait to order those guys!! :D

So , I will post photos soon , and WIP's when I receive the models.

                                          Merry Chrismass Everyone !
This summer was quite tiring for me cause I wanted to complete my 1500-points Blood Angel's army...And even after completing my Dreadnought , my 2 Tactical Squads and some Devastators there is still work to be done ! Ahh...its hard to serve the Empyrium of man...

Anyway , schools have started , which means that I wont have much time for painting or modelling..

I'll try to find time for some painting at least during weekends and hopefully I'll have a full Blood Angel's army ready for battle after Christmas!

                                                    The " Painter "
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