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I Need Your Help to Help my Best Friend.

Recently, my wonderful best friend of 10 years adopted a rescue kitten from her neighbor. Her neighbor found this adorable kitten wandering alone, trying to cross a busy freeway. She is now in the loving care of my best friend, and has been named "Abby"! Here she is below:

Unfortunately, she has fallen ill with tapeworms from being stray. Obviously, we know how vet visits can take a huge toll on the wallet. That is why i'm reaching out to you all in hopes you will help me raise the money to help her pay for the vet bills.

Of course, i'm not asking for free donations! (: If you give to me, i will give back! If you donate to help my friend and i, i will give you a thank you gift!

Art for Abby!

Available Gifts: (OCs Included!)

If you donate at least $5

You will receive a clean sketch of one character of your choice! Ex:

**OC belongs to HappyKittyPlushies!

If you donate $10

You will receive a flat shaded gift of one character of your choice, OR a clean sketch of TWO characters of your choice! Ex:

If you donate $15

You will receive a painted-style gift of one character of your choice! Ex:

If you donate $20

You will receive a dual shaded gift of one character of your choice, OR a flat shaded gift of TWO characters of your choice! Ex:

If you donate $25

You will receive a dual shaded OR painted gift of up to 3 characters of your choice!

If you donate $25+

You will receive a personal shout out in my Thank You journal in my Special Thanks To section, a gift of your choice of shading AND number of characters, and a personal reference sheet of your OC!

Madeleine Reference Sheet by steffy-beff

You can donate at the very bottom in the section below the journal! (:


Please remember to claim your gift by sending me a note with the Paypal address you donated with so i can find your donation! Please tell me what you want from your price range and provide references if needed! Your gift will be completed as timely as possible.

Please also note that if you do not notify me to claim your gift, i will assume you donated freely!

What happens last? Well...Once i receive the goal amount for donations, i will purrsonally provide you all with a picture of myself handing the check to my bestie. I hope you all can help me make this happen! I will be contributing to this project through other means as well!

Thank you all. If i can make this happen for her, it will brighten my day.

Donations have now been closed!

We officially passed the halfway point, having raised $520.50 in total! I am closing the donation link so i can request the check and finish up gifts! Thanks again, everyone!!!
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ReignBeaux-XIII's avatar
Omg I'm still waiting for my $10 donation reward..
SherlockBoy's avatar
Awww! Adorable kitten! Have you found a home for her yet?
SweetLolitaKairi's avatar
Does the ten and fifteen include background?
sgthootnany's avatar
that kitteh be like "my food"
ChilledFrost's avatar
It been a loong time but I don't know If you got my note about the donation, and the reference sheet :/
steffy-beff's avatar
Yes i did, you're all written down and our details have already been discussed in a note a little while ago! (:
ChilledFrost's avatar
When do you think those are gunna be done by?
steffy-beff's avatar
I just got out of class for the summer so i'm working on them now! (:
steffy-beff's avatar
I should have, yes! I usually respond to each note i get about it! Let me check and make sure!
GhostexUnicorn's avatar
Aww...I wish I could donate, but I'm broke >o<
Diz1993's avatar
How much do you still need to reach your goal?
steffy-beff's avatar
$500, we are half way there! BUT - i think that even this much will greatly help my friend. (: I just need to finish up all the gifts and see what's left! Please do not feel obligated to donate any more than you already have <333
Diz1993's avatar
Ok ^^
You probably have a lot of gifts to do, so when do you plan to do them?
steffy-beff's avatar
I have spring break this week, so i'll be pumping out a LOT of them, if not almost all! ^___^
Diz1993's avatar
steffy-beff's avatar
Question! Does your OC have the typical male MLP body? Or a mare's body?? 
Diz1993's avatar
Use the mare body type please. (for both characters)
steffy-beff's avatar
Ok, on the ref sheet too?
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Sanselam's avatar
to young to donate :( i have just  8 points but this is not donating :(
Flutt3rsh9's avatar
i wish my dad was living next to you guys hes a vet i hope she gets better! she reminds me of my cat Dixie Daryl Dixion <3
BroTraMan's avatar
I cant pay with points right?
steffy-beff's avatar
): no, it won't help the cause...sorry D:
BroTraMan's avatar
Okay no problem. :)
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