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T'is the season for oversized sweaters! ;P Or season 4...Hehe.


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Anypony who makes my favorite pony(fluttershy) this cute are automatically my favorite artists
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this looks great, I love the detail in the sweater!
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Google failed me yet again! D: Somebody posted this on Google+ and I image searched it. Only result was a Russian forum. xD Then I go to Derpibooru and search "fluttershy, cute, sweater, safe" and look where I am now. x3 I really like it, steffy-beff. :3 I kinda like her green sweater more but this is still awesome. <3
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Why does she look so good in sweaters??? :love: :love: :love:
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Because shy girls, nerds and shy nerds all look good in sweaters. It is the way of things, do not question it! D:<
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Omg so Cute *-*
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Awwwww... That so cute!
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Cute, Cozy and oh so Cudleable!    Soooooo Cute!  :D
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cant handle the adorable of this pic!
steffy-beff's avatar
No, but now i have! : P
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<3 SO cute! I really like it!
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you're welcome! ^^
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I love it! Sooooooo cuuuuttee!!!! (Btw, the sweater reminds me of one of John Watson's sweaters off of Sherlock.)
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Cute! Hehe. Well thank you! (:
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May I make this into a base? :3
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