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SOLD: Unicorn Adoptable - Red Velvet

Hey everyone! This is a new adoptable I'm selling, she's based off of Red Velvet cake! :love:

I'm doing something different this time! This time, I'm going to open an auction for her! Please read the rules for the auction below. (:

1. Do not bid if you do not have the money!
2. I accept payment by Paypal ONLY.
3. Bid in the comments below! I will update the lead bid frequently.

She starts at $8. Please bid from that price by the dollar or more.

Auction ends in 24hrs tomorrow, 2am PST. The person who's bid is highest when the clock stops gets her. (:
EDIT: The auction is now over! Thank you to everyone who participated! (: Red Velvet goes to :iconrickyvox: for $19.

Leading Bid: $19

What you'll receive upon purchase:
:bulletblue: PNG of Red Velvet with no background
:bulletblue: A high res PNG of her Cutie Mark
:bulletblue: The image seen above with no watermarks!
:bulletblue: All rights to her design, name, and personality.

If you're interested, please bid in the comments! Thanks! (:

You may not use, modify, repost, distribute, sell, copy, or claim without permission. All art is © *steffy-beff.
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Listen, this is the the first post I saw by you, and I already love your art, you're amazing, and, I love your art, you're wayyyy more talented than me, which makes me jealous, but you also deserve that talent, you make original art, and your oc names are very unique. I also love how you make your oc's for very low prices, and very realistic. I love the color palette, they are very soothing to the eye. I need advice with my oc, she is a female pegasus called Lemon Drop, she has light yellow hair hair, and a darker shade of yellow for the body, her cutie mark is a lemon slice with a drop. Yeah, that's pretty much it, if you have any advice, then free feel to tell me.. Who am I kidding, I don't even deserve talking to such a talented artist, i'll go and cry in a corner of bad art now..

~Maria <3
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Your adoptables are the best I've seen on the internet. Also they all have something to do with food, so it makes them even more appealing :D
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WOW. Thank you! I do put a lot of thought and effort into them. I like to make each individual and special. Thank you for noticing that. ;w; 
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Too often I see other's pathetic pony maker OCs going for hundreds of points, while you make and draw these awesome characters with intriguing ideas and attractive color schemes. All of them are a real work of thought and care, and I wish I had points to buy them with...
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Oh gosh! I do sell mine for actual money, so i try to make them as unique or as cute as possible >_<
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Red Velvet is best pony because I like red velvet cake. Dang now I want some cake ):
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Cake is the best!! :D
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Lull steff XD making sure your name is on there are we?
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What do you mean? XD
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;p so no one can swoop down and take it.
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LOL OH YES i seriously watermarked it to death this time XD
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I want to eat her mane XD
steffy-beff's avatar
EEeeee! Hehe. It would taste like cream cheese (:
The-Asian-Invasion's avatar
sometimes I eat cream cheese sandwiches :O
steffy-beff's avatar
Hehe. Have you ever had a red velvet cupcake?? (: with cream cheese frosting??
The-Asian-Invasion's avatar
Well not exactly that but I did bake some red velvet sandwich cookies with a cream cheese frosting for the filling ^.^ they tasted like magic
and they were the only red velvet recipe I have been able to master as of now ^^;
steffy-beff's avatar
WOW that sounds amazing!!! They must have been incredible. I want one!!
The-Asian-Invasion's avatar
I don't know if you bake but here's the recipe…
teehee. they were pretty amazing ;)
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Ooh yes i bake all the time! :la: Wow those look amazing! Thanks for the recipe (:
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