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Madeleine Reference Sheet

I present to you...My OC! She's finally finished. (: Her talent is baking, and she owns a cafe in Canterlot. She's a little hot headed at times and somewhat brash, but she loves her friends and would go miles to make them happy. ^_^

Background lace texture by ~KameleonKlik. (:

You may not use, modify, repost, distribute, sell, copy, or claim without permission. All art is © *steffy-beff.
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Omg ! wuv it 
may i draw???
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Ha this is cute :) My sister's name is Madeline (ma-da-lin) without the 'E' in the middle.
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I wonder if u would make a base of this
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Ah, she's lovely! I love her mane style, it reminds me of clouds and ice cream, haha.
This is also a very good reference sheet. ^^ Is it okay to ask where you got the font from?
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I may be a bit biased, but she has a lovely name!
She is simply adorable!! Her mane is very frosting-like!
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Mood: Hysterical
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She is so adorable! Wouldn't mind if I can draw your OC?
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If you'd like sure!!
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A gift from me to you.:D
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How much for a reference sheet?
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could you make me a ref sheet for my oc
She's amazing! I just wanna kiss her face all over! She's soooo cute! I LOVE what you did with the cutie mark too! <3
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Awh!! Thanks! ^____^
Sorry I'm not on much right now. I miss you, kinda, even though we only just met.
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She's so beautiful! I adore the pastels you chose and that mane style is gorgeous! Keep up the good work!
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Why does she dislike blue? Blue is my favorite color, so that's making it really hard to like this character.
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Huhuhuhuh everyone has a color they dislike! : P I dislike blue, so I guess that's why I made her dislike it (: she's got a bit of my personality in there!
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WHAT!? Your opinion is different than mine! UNSUBSCRIBE! (kidding)
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