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Luna Laughing

I wonder if she snorts when she giggles?

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Me : Luna?

Luna *giggles* yes?

Me:  What's so funny?

Luna: *blushes & giggles* Can I be your special somepony? <3

Me: I... um... OMG .:gasp: 

Luna: Please? Wink Razz 

Me *thinking* Come on luna asked you if she could be your special sompony.

Me: Eh hell with it. Luna...

Luna: Yes? Emoticon - Blink 

Me: Come here. <3 *opens arms*

Luna: GASP, YAY.  Really? THANK YOU!!! *Runs to me & lands in my arms* HugKiss

Me: Luna?

Luna: Kiss  Kiss  Kiss  Kiss Kiss KissiOS Tears Of Joy Emoji Button (3/???) .

Me:sigh:  Oh well.Hug  
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Just out of curiosity, do you think that Luna, possibly along with Lyra and Pinkie Pie, has an interest in human culture? No offense, but if so, would you ever envision her having a crush on one, etc. or is this just a joke?
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You think so?...
PrinceNigel's avatar
Yeah, boiiii..........
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Ok but I hope things don't go crazy in the long run...
PrinceNigel's avatar
Yes, I think like that. I'll watch you, and you'll watch me.
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Me: Luna?

Luna:  What is it? :scared:  

Me: PrinceNigel is stalking us.

Luna :eek: 
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lulz, looks at a glace like Luna blowing a "rocket" from the side of her snout... until ya zoom in/click.   XD

*Which just makes the cuteness all the more funny, though that avatar rappidly changing color is giving me eyestrain... o_o''
Very cute pic. /)
XxZomBloxxorxX's avatar
Luna looks so fckuing cute laughing. <3 And she looks beautiful at the same time. Your art style is amazing! :D
SunderGod's avatar
Yeah, hard to define exactly how cute and beautiful. It's a sight to behold.
Luna-Soresodthe's avatar
This is a beautiful and lovely art (good works) :D (Big Grin) 
destroyallhuman's avatar
Her eye is creeping me out...
ZGuy0fSci's avatar
your avatar is givng me epilepsy...  )_( ''
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Don't you feel your soul leaving you when you stare into it? :lol:
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 i give cookies to all sad or cute ponies and luna gets all the cookies! cookie cookie cookie Sweet Cookie Bit Normal Cookie cookie :3 LOL chip cookie My cookie plus lolface guy  angry cutecookie icon PLZ Wicket No 11 Chippi 05 :TardCookieWink: Chippi 02 Cookie Icon 
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And that day, my heart melted, or grew three times in size or something like that. 
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She's already one beautiful mare. If she snorts when she giggles oh man...
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so adorable! X3
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