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Wow! this art is soooooooo amazing! It's sooo great!
I was wondering if perhaps you may be interestead in doing art for my mlp audio drama? You would not get payed but you will of course be credited 
I will give you of course a fair amount of time to do the art.
If you aren't interestead I understand
but If you are.. you can contact me at this email: or you can right me an email here on devianart or you can simply reply to this comment
so I can explain everything and stuff.
Anyway.. thank you for taking the time to read my message I really do appreciate it greatly
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Reminds me of Wendy from Gravity Falls :meow: :meow: :meow:
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For a second I thought she was supposed to be dressed like Wendy from Gravity Falls. Nice pic
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I c wat u did there >:3
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Hahaha, this is so incredibly cute. Somewhere in my loose-leaf notes I have an old sketch of Applejack wearing one of these hats, that I had wanted to do something with but never did (and of course, as evidenced by all of my most recent submissions I love her in plaid!). It was screaming to be done and you did a great job with it. :aww:
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OhhhhHhhHHhhhHHH my god you have to finish that PLEASEE. If you ever get around to it!!! Thank you for the wonderful compliment, it means a lot to me! (: 
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I did a...a, a thing there. Didn't ya?
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ahhhh ahhaha!! ^____^ thanks (:
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I'm trying to remember this one Gravity Falls-related joke about Wendy...
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She reminds me of Wendy from the show Gravity Falls, if you've ever seen it. I like this a lot :)
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Yes! She was the inspiration for this outfit hehe
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Awesome! I thought that may have been the case, but didn't want to assume. This is one of my favorite crossovers that I've seen thus far!
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This outfit suits her well. And she's adorable!) Has she a large axe behind her back? )
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Thank you! Possibly...Watch out! : P
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