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If Dash Were Girly...

Somewhere in an alternate universe...Rainbow Dash dresses in style. :love: Super girly Rainbow Dash (:

Edit: Featured on EQD! #33:…

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But she is girly. Not always as outwardly/obvious as Rarity, but she is pretty girly.

ghostgames220's avatar
rainbow dash is so cutw
cajobif's avatar
BEautiful work
JustinBaker23's avatar
D'aww Dash is looking super cute here!
flamingranibow's avatar
cloud is Heart Glomp! Star! Eye Heart RD
XxRainbowDangeDashxX's avatar
girly dash , is the best dash
IceMountainDragon505's avatar
*taps flank invisibly*
Ardhamon's avatar
I think the expression with the hairstyle makes her all the more convincingly girly. I think you made some interesting design choices.
charreddragonchi's avatar
LightningMusic15's avatar
Dashie looks so beautiful :D
MLPegasis4898's avatar
Wow!!! That would be quite weird... but Dashie looks really cute and pretty with that manestyle!!! And that pose...!!! :heart: :love: :heart:
kennyg302's avatar
msbBlackIce's avatar
two things
1. cute ass hell
850i's avatar
She's 20% cooler and awesome!
SolumSeronix's avatar
No! The g3 ponies are coming! HIDE!!!

Nah, I'm just kidding. Seriously, though, awesome job!
green--inkk's avatar
glad she's not, I like the picture though.
Link44444's avatar
She's sooo cute like that. Even her Cutie Mark is heart-shaped. Kawaii. ^-^ Love Heart 
Narishia98's avatar
We've seen her kiss a parasprite. I'm pretty sure she can be girly.
emilyao's avatar
Kinda reminds me of rainbow dash from the original series... you know that one way back when?

cause back then she was like: "RAINBOWS DARLINGS! RAINBOWS!!!!!"

kinda like a mix of her and Rarity...
steffy-beff's avatar
Yes!! Hehe. ^_^
JaquelinDreamz's avatar
...I just realize that there's a shape of a heart on her cutiemark.
steffy-beff's avatar
:giggle: I'm so sneaky <3
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