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Candy Horse OC

New OC! No name, talent, or cutie mark yet... ;A; Anyone have any ideas?

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i have an idea for this beautiful pony her name could be strawberry lights and her talent could be a pop star who likes strawberry and her cutie mark could be a pink mic with a strawberry behind it
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nice portrait picture it caught my eye when i was cruising through my inbox^^ and i decided to take a look what i like most is probably that expression. its so adorable, and it looks like she's looking straight at me.
Jojuki-chan's avatar
She's one of the cutest OCs I've ever see!
SuperPeasentNajeeb's avatar
Something to do with Taffy :)
Great as always Steff!!!
Wolfbaloo's avatar
Beautiful work!

As for cutiemark, perhaps she can have the mark of something that represent gardening or the study of birds? Just my idea.
DestinyDecade's avatar
Truly amazing. This makes me curious as to what she's like.
NyeoLightStreak's avatar
omg, shes one of the most beautiful ocs ive ever seen! <3
Wolfy-Pony's avatar
Caaaandeeeh! owo
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Beautiful colors! I love your "painted" style, too - and the pose is adorable. :3 Hmm...names... Dawn Rose? Maybe a rose with a sun behind it for her cutie mark? (Yeah, original, I know. xD)
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Thank you!! ^___^ I'll think about it, i've got so many ideas :3 hehe
Peiridae's avatar
Cool! :) And you're welcome! ^^
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I told ya, Steffy. You should name her Strawberry Sherbert and have her be an Ice Cream maker! :D
steffy-beff's avatar
:blush: I'll think about it : 3
SomeKindaSpy's avatar
She is soooo cuuuute!
steffy-beff's avatar
Hehe, thank you!!
GraniteCheese's avatar
Tootsie Pop, Smartie,Jolly Rancher, Sherbert, Cotton Candy, Iris, Dahlia?
A lollipop, three smarties, a jolly rancher, the ice cream in a cone, cotton candy, iris, dahlia?
Small sweets shop, the Gingerbread House School, restaurant, ice cream parlor, carnival and fair sweets on cart, garden grower, owner of big flower shop?
In order. Name, mark and job to tie in with talent.
steffy-beff's avatar
Probably something to do with Ice Cream! Because i'm so original /sarcasm. Lmao. <3 thanks for the ideas!!
rainieskies's avatar
She is so beautiful!! Maybe her name should be sherbet sparkle and her talent is making icecream =) <3
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Thanks! ^_^ Super cute idea! Thank you (:
rainieskies's avatar
Welcome! ^-^ and aww thank you! and very welcome ^.^<3
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Peach *something*, Peachy *something*, or possibly Orange *something*

Hard to make a name with no personality and whatnot to work with.
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