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June 17, 2011
Calvin's Story -Adventure Game is by *steffne
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Calvin's Story -Adventure Game

Wow I can't believe this recieved a DD x__x
Thankyou so much everyone :hug:
I wish I had the time to reply to you all individually right now!

Ahh finally it's finished, Calvin's story!
A 2D side scrolling point-and-click adventure game.
Talk to characters, interact with the environment and solve puzzles ^__^

Please don't post comments to the answer of any of the tasks in this game, feel free to note and message other members.
I really don't want any spoilers on this page! If I find any I'll hide them.

I really hope you guys like this, I've been working on it solidly for just over a month now. The game has all been created on one frame on the main timeline- and the coding has all been done in AS3 on the main timeline too. *pats self on the back* I've learnt SO much from doing this and hope to start making a few other bigger flash games <3

It's been really fun being able to use nearly all my characters in one game n__n I guess most my new watchers will have never seen Pom, Blinky, Cloud and Chuck before >.<

My eyes are in a lottttt of pain from computer glare right now, youch! :c I've never suffered with this before, I've been writing and editing over 1000 lines of code. It hurtttts! The amount of bugs I've had to fix in this too! XDD Let me know if you find any? I really hope I managed to get them all. x__x

Happy playing! :heart:

Edit: Guh, DA seems to be glitching my code for some people. If you're getting a problem that seems out the normal for the game, hit refresh! It probably just hasn't loaded the code up properly >.<

Edit 2: DON'T PRESS THE ENTER KEY ON THE PASSWORD/PIN CODE BOXES. This adds spaces to the password!! If you've done this, then keep pressing delete and make sure there aren't any spaces left before typing the password in again. I need to fix this bug!

Thought I'd also mention that Calvin is a Capybara!
Capybara look like oversized guineapigs :giggle:

My Facebook Page: [link]
My Tumblr: [link]
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