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Kosch and Nordmarken (Ingame-Map)

It has been a while since I posted the last one of this ongoing series, but here is the next one (the last one being the one titled 'Albernia & Windhag', look here:…). Every one is done as an ingame-style that could be made in that region, with the typical errors, etc. I love doing those, and there are many more to come. With this one, I included some copper with a very desaturated piece. Dwarves, conservatism, beer, guids, and the contact with human civilization are parts of the feeling this region radiates.

I cropped an image how the map sets tied to the regional descriptions look like here:…

(c) Ulisses Spiele & Distribution GmbH, 2018

Thanks for stopping by, have a beautiful weekend! =) (Smile)

Stay creative; -Steffen

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This is beautifully crafted! What is the orange line - seems like it's forming an octagon?
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Thanks! =) It is just where the ingame-cartographer decided to gild elements. The octagon is a classic shape of dwarven design. 
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Awesome map! I love the whole composition and elements.
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Thank you very much, Ilanthar!
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Marvelous, elegant, intricate and, HOLY SHYTE ! that color theme !
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Haha, thank you :D
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Fantastic work. So much detail ... ^_^
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Agreed. Looks wonderful Steffen
Those are some interesting mountains. Nice style.
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Thank you, Sir! =) Interesting in what way if I may ask?
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