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Aventurien Ingame

By SteffenBrand
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EDIT 2016: And here is a Making-Of! Link:…

I am so proud I’m finally able to show this since it was featured during RPC 2015 in Cologne! It was A LOT of work, but it was worth it. Together with the map of Markus Holzum (check him out) this is a depiction of the continent Aventurien. While he had a more realistic approach I aimed for a more ingame-looking one. Let me explain:

The map was fictitiously ‚made‘ by a sophisticated cartographer who tried to capture the real shape of the continent he is living on. He did this by collecting all maps he could find and arranging them, re-measuring them and completing it. This means:

- The map is a little bit changed based on the ideology of his faith, how it should look like and what makes sense to him. This is especially visible if you look at the shape of specific areas or the arrangement of mountains.
- Not all parts are completely correct in terms of having the correct north. This means single areas of a tiny map he used as a reference could have been not completely pointing north.
- Since the people on this continent are measuring from a fictive point in the south, the whole continent tends to be broader overall in the north due to measuring reasons of a sphere.
- The referenced maps he used hadn’t all the same measurement. This means, the measurements he corrected tend to be a little bit wrong. Since it is not easy to measure exactly everywhere, the coasts difficult to ship tend to be bigger (since the poeple sailing there took longer). Vice versa, good roads tend to shorten the area travelled since they went faster. In relation to each other this means that some areas are not the correct size.
- Cultures which are heavy into nautical business tend to have more precise coastlines.
- The origins of the cultures the painter knew of are indicated on the map, too. He used assumptions to paint that in.
- The painter used icons he found on the original maps he used. This means he found specific types of ships on individual maps and used this in his version, too. Leading to things like a hand on the discus near ‚Maraskan‘ (sign of the dual faith), the ‚Uthurische Rose‘ in the south, ‚Eissegler‘ in the north, etc. You can find A LOT of that stuff in there ;)
- Finally, he drew the border. In this he included every culture he knew of roughly on the height of the culture on the continent if you would draw an invisible line to the middle of the map. Honeycones of the ‚Norbarden‘ in the northeast, Shadif-horses in the southeast, the ‚Praiosmal‘ (sun) in the south, the printing press in the west near the ‚Horasreich‘, the northern lights on the nortwest, elvish archery equipment, the swan of Ifirn, the Madamal (moon) with the most important cycles, etc. There is so much more, try to find out ;)

Feel free to ask questions. This is the map I’m most proud of yet and I hope to get the chance to do something like this again. Even though it was hard work I really had fun with this. Also, it would be a shame not to share my thoughts on the map here, too =)

I'll upload a similar map shortly (edit: it's online, look here…), depicting the complete world not just this continent. To my knowledge, there will be posters of this map.

Made with Wacom Intuos 4, Photoshop 6, a lot of research and coffee.
Stay creative everyone! (c) Ulisses Spiele & Distribution GmbH, 2015
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You did this to illustrate a book by MZ Lowe? She's saying you did.

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As of today, reading the statement above doesn't read that she claims that they were made for her. If it was somewhere else: Can you PM me the part where she said that please? Thanks for keeping an eye open =)
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I wish I could do something like this
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Just try, you might surprise yourself =)
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Himmel A**** und Zwirn... deine Karten sind ja genial *.*
SteffenBrand's avatar
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Wonderful map! I really love the details in the sea and how the water blends with the decorations. Fantastic job! :ahoy:
SteffenBrand's avatar
Thank you so much *__*
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nice work, turned out great!
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Wonderful work steffen, very very inspirational!!
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Thanks, Lesopeso! =)
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Handwerklich eine tolle Ingame-Karte, Respekt! :)
Inhaltlich bin ich leider nicht so begeistert. Es sind sehr viele grobe Fehler drin, die einem gebildeten Aventurier so kaum passieren würden. "Cultures which are heavy into nautical business tend to have more precise coastlines. " Das stimmt - und Nr. 1 ist das Horasreich, an dessen Küstenlinie und auch sonst quasi nichts korrekt ist. Grade dort müsste die Karte am genauesten sein. Selbst dann, wenn der Zeichner nicht von dort kommt. Wäre der Zeichner Tulamide, hätte er den Chichanebi-Salzsee und die Flüsse genauer hinbekommen. Ich mag den Ansatz sehr, sich über logische Fehler Gedanken zu machen. Das Ergebnis wird dem leider nicht wirklich gerecht.

Davon ab - deine Karten sind großartig! :)
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Das kommt völlig darauf an, was der IT-Zeichner A: Bereist hat und B: Was er zum Abgleich hatte und C: Was siene Intentionen sind für die jeweilige Darstellung. Irdische mittelalterliche Karten waren unter anderem deshalb nicht genau, weil sie nicht genau sein mussten - sie sollten dem Betrachter helfen, den Willen Gottes und das Gesamtkonzept der Schöpfung begreiflicher zu machen. Sieh die Karte am besten als das was es ist: Es ist die Interpretation eines Aventuriers, der versucht hat die Welt zeichnerisch so darzustellen, wie er denkt dass sie richtig sein müsste - oder idealisiert sein sollte. 

Davon ab: Vielen Dank für deinen Kommentar! =)
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Das ist schon richtig. Aber du schreibst selbst, dass die Küstenlinie entscheidend ist. Dazu kommen schiffbare Flüsse. Und nunja... der Yaquir mündet eben nicht in der Grangorer Bucht - sondern bei Kuslik. Mit Kuslik und Vinsalt liegen zwei der größten Städte Aventuriens am Yaquir. Da finde ich es schon irgendwie seltsam, dass in der Gegend mehr oder weniger alles falsch ist. Das Yetiland dagegen kennen die meisten Menschen nichtmal, aber da stimmen die Küstenlinien besser. ;)
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Nice work man, looks awesome! =)
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Thanks man! :D Haven't done this yet, but: Congratulations on getting married! :D
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Thanks man, I appreciate! Your map work looks gorgeous... Hope you go on to do even more awesome fantasy work, I'm interested to see.. Also where to buy your game?
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I hope so, too =) 
Which game do you mean? The map here will be available at Ulisses Spiele & Distribution GmbH, if that is what you mean =)
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Is your map available in a game, like a table top or computer game? Looks awesome man! =)
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It's for a Pen-&-Paper RPG, kind of like D&D. Look here:…
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