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Art requested by stefanxsd Art requested :iconstefanxsd:stefanxsd 1 0 My Oc by stefanxsd My Oc :iconstefanxsd:stefanxsd 3 0 S Claudiu's mod by stefanxsd S Claudiu's mod :iconstefanxsd:stefanxsd 0 0
Islands and Guns part 4
“Eating something that has poison in it is not really a smart move to do that…” - last words of a doctor who ate something poisonous.
“Why would you want to eat me?” asked Gamertron, stepping away from Claudiu as he was feeling scared. “I’m poisoned and I might be a bad meal for you...”
“That’s the least of our worries!” said Claudiu, slowly pressing the trigger of
Tym’s gun.
“W-why m-m-me?” asked Gamertron, holding his hands up.
“Because, we want to have some food, and you’ll cover our food supply for a few days!” said Claudiu, coming closer to Gamertron.
“No!” yelled Tym, tackling Claudiu to the ground.
“OW!” shouted Gamertron as the bullet hit him on the chest.
Tym watched the red dragon slumping down to the ground, and he got up from Claudiu and checked the red dragon to see if it’s ok.
“Don’t… Kill… Me…” sai
:iconstefanxsd:stefanxsd 0 0
Islands and Guns part 3
“Nice sailing… Chump…” - Pirate Parrot
The sun was shining down on a red dragon that was lying down on the sandy beach, unconscious. Unaware where the red dragon is, he opened his eyes to see a bright blue sky with clouds slowly passing by. As the dragon got up from the sandy ground, he saw a bunch of boat parts and a parrot that was wearing a small pirate hat that has a skull and crossbones printed on it as the parrot was sitting on a wooden anchor. As the dragon saw the parrot, the parrot squawked at the dragon.
“Nice sailing… Chump…” squawked the parrot, mocking the dragon with his terrible boat steering skills.
“You shut your mouth, bird!” shouted the dragon, becoming infuriated by the parrot.
The dragon tried to grab the parrot in his sharp,metal and shiny claws but alas, the parrot flied to the sky just before the dragon could grab him.
“I’m going to get you for this!” growled the dragon, kicki
:iconstefanxsd:stefanxsd 0 0
Islands and Guns part 2
The next day they woke up and they were rather hungry.They ate some berries they picked up from the berry bushes and then they started more the island.S.Claudiu walked around and he found an skeleton near the skeleton was an empty bottle and an bottle with an message in it.S.Claudiu took the bottle with message in it and he opened the bottle to read the message.The message was an map with an  spot marked with an X.S.Claudiu said "Tym there is an treasure on another island far away from here,should we make an shovel and check it out",They went to the science machine and S.Claudiu made 2 shovels and he gave one to Tym.Tym said "i like treasures maybe it'll have something worthwhile".Tym made an machete and he started hacking the vines and the bamboo that were in the jungle bayum.Out of an vine came out some snakes but Tym killed them easily with his gun.Tym said "this island has a lot of snakes".Tym made an raft from the vines and the bamboo.S.Claudiu hopped on his log raft and Tym
:iconstefanxsd:stefanxsd 0 0
Islands and Guns part 1
It was an sunny day on,S.Claudiu woke up on the beach where there was a lot of parts from an boat spreader around.A parrot on an sunken boat was near him,S.Claudiu was an white cat with an long tail which was looking very pretty and was able to walk two feet.The parrot said "nice sailing",he then continued saying "chump".S Claudiu ran annoyed after the parrot but the parrot escaped.S.Claudiu said "I'll get you on one of those days".Meanwhile on another part of the island an boy with an gun  was stranded too on this island,the boy had an black hair and he was wearing some black clothes,an bunch of boat parts where near him like an boat was somehow destroyed.Near him was an parrot on an sunken boat.But before the parrot could say something,Tym took up his gun and he shooted the parrot.The parrot died and all was left of it was an red feather.Tym said "good now that annoyance is out i have 9 bullets left and some into my pocket i better use them wisely".S.Claudiu thought for an momen
:iconstefanxsd:stefanxsd 1 4


Random Character Design by CoffeeSnake Random Character Design :iconcoffeesnake:CoffeeSnake 6 4 Practice Dump by CoffeeSnake Practice Dump :iconcoffeesnake:CoffeeSnake 4 0 Trash by CoffeeSnake Trash :iconcoffeesnake:CoffeeSnake 33 3 Princess Peach and Star Kid  (Colored) by CoffeeSnake Princess Peach and Star Kid (Colored) :iconcoffeesnake:CoffeeSnake 106 9
Mature content
''As the Crow Flies'' :iconarlesienne:Arlesienne 3 13
Mature content
The Breach Is Just Awesome :iconarlesienne:Arlesienne 2 28
Mature content
''Na Via Lerno Victoria'' :iconarlesienne:Arlesienne 6 4
Albert Forces Intervention by Ohthehumanityplz Albert Forces Intervention :iconohthehumanityplz:Ohthehumanityplz 4 2 Another Tom Waits Lyrics Progress by Ohthehumanityplz Another Tom Waits Lyrics Progress :iconohthehumanityplz:Ohthehumanityplz 1 0 What are they building in there by Ohthehumanityplz What are they building in there :iconohthehumanityplz:Ohthehumanityplz 8 0 Zoe/ Commission by katagro Zoe/ Commission :iconkatagro:katagro 814 87 Just be who you are by katagro Just be who you are :iconkatagro:katagro 191 79 Wendy Painting Progress by CoffeeSnake Wendy Painting Progress :iconcoffeesnake:CoffeeSnake 25 2 Fluffy-chan the Zoethig by LudiculousPegasus Fluffy-chan the Zoethig :iconludiculouspegasus:LudiculousPegasus 50 6 Cat by Taro-K Cat :icontaro-k:Taro-K 288 8 Angel prison by Taro-K Angel prison :icontaro-k:Taro-K 543 13


I made this journal to explain my lack of content abd why i was just commenting and favoriting deviants.Well i had lots of exams and lots of studying to do and lots of writting but I have only one exam left and I'm done,after that I'll be more free so I'll be able to submit more here :^)


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hi i decided to make this account to have an fun time here


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