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May 8, 2012, 9:26:24 PM
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Canis Carnivorus. Woof! Great work.
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outstanding! :-)
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This is so much an inspiration for me. I always think about my work way to much..and you are so are not afraid of mistakes you don't care about doing it wrong or whatever. And thats the way you develop. Sigh.
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Thanks ,
yeah thinking,
ok heres an idea
So , if your thinking about it,
try allowing your thoughts about it to come, but dont worry about them,
just keep painting.
they will quiet in time
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Thank you! I have another question. I'm really experimenting at the moment, it is going a lot better if i don't start with a picture, but start with making crazy backgrounds and then see what i can do with it. I'm using coffee...its so beautiful but i think it will get bleached by the sun in a while, do you know that perhaps? I'm thinking about creating that color with acrylics but that doesn't looks better then the coffee, and sepia ink is so expensive!
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Yeah i dont work from pictures either,
I dont know if coffee will fade, its a pretty strong dye,
but there are stronger ones, sometimes i make one from Blackwalnut husks , you can usually buy from a herb shop, or find yourself depending on where you live, we have lots here in ottawa, its a very very strong die, and doesnt wash out, if you get it on your clothing
but you should be able to get something similar by adding water to your acrylic, like van dyke brown , ect.
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I like the layering of "lined" animals with "solid" animals. It creates a dynamism for the viewer who at first glance sees a flat plane but then upon looking further sees the depth created by the layering of animal, line, shape, texture and color.
Well done!
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man this is so interesting.
can't think of to much to say that already hasn't been said.
such a cool maze/collage of images.
the more you look the more you find.
not only that, i like the little frayed edges thoughout.
the way it seems to be pieced together.

very nice.
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thanks so much for looking !
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I love about your art that the longer you study each piece, the more fascinating, little details you see. Truly wonderful work! :love:
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oooh good,
im glad someone is looking !!!!
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Hey interesting, very hard style! i like it
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This is a really strong piece. I love that at first glance, it seems like just another collage, but when you look closer it's actually extremely intricate. It's easy to see that there was a lot of thought that was put into creating this. Lovely work!
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dang.... thats dope
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lovely.. I love the collage effect
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