Hybrid Boy's latest album: "Sweet Living Inside"

Available here now : 
itunes.apple.com/ca/album/swee… or anywere else you can buy mp3 music online :) (Smile)

About Hybrid Boy's album " Sweet Living Inside ":
" Simply the best Hybrid Boy's album so far: elaborate, sophisticated, inspired, the album has great consistency and maintains high quality throughout all pieces. The artist is obviously more and more at ease with his art, as evidenced by the more daring, more varied arrangements. "Among others" (which is one of the titles from the album...) "Loneliness Overparty", "Doubts" and "Sorrow" are the jewels of this new opus. Definitely a must have for any Hybrid Boy's fan.
Not to mention that the graphically brilliant, outrageously sensuous cover image of the album alone is worth while to get it! "

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