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Fasten Your Seat Belt

For as long as he could remember, since he was a kid, Dan Everyman had dreamed of becoming a pilot. Sadly, he was a bus driver. A good bus driver, if a frustrated one, but just a busman. It was such a pity that Dan could only have the briefest, slightest glimpses... almost nothing, really... in his dreams, asleep or not... of an alternate dimension with this place called Diesel City, where Dan Everyman was the skilled, happy pilot of one of the numerous, regular flying bus of the metropolis, expertly maneuvering his beautiful machine along the Yellow Line N°78 all day.
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Awesome art work. I love your dieselpunk style arts

Hi Stefan,

We'd like to use your Art work on a Cover for a Music Album, and we will of course Credit you on All Social media where it will be released, with a link back to your art.. Please let me know if you are okay with me using this..   Thanks Nat
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so funny and well done 
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i like this-original-a bus with airplane wings
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Thanks for your interest in what I do!
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Kinda reminds me of "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty".  Perhaps that is the inspiration for this piece?
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Thanks a lot for your interest in what I do. It means a lot to me. No, the film you mentionned wasn't the inspiration for this picture, since I haven't heard of it. Shame on me and thanks for directing me  to it. However, the inspiration certainly had similarities with it. Here is the caption coming along with this picture in my book Diesel City :

"As far back as you can remember, you’ve always wanted to be a pilot. But, life being what it is, you’ve had to fold away your dreams neatly and take up the career of a bus driver. Despite your skill at the wheel, you’re still frustrated it’s not a pilot’s stick. It’s a shame you have no opportunity to demonstrate your skills in the air, except during your brief visits to this alternate timeline, this place called Diesel City, where you’re in the pilot’s seat of one of the city’s flying buses, expertly maneuvering your machine all day long on the Yellow Line Number 78."
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Hi, Stefan! I love your diselpunk art and I'd love to use some of these pieces to illustrate an article I'm writing that's essentially Dieselpunk 101. If it's okay with you, I'll credit you as the author with a link back to each of your posts. If it's not okay, please let me know! Thank you! :) - Aja /…
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Please, do. My pleasure! Thanks a lot for your interest in what I do.
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" SEAT BELTS, EVERYONE!"" Please let this be a normal field trip."" With Everyman? NO WAY!!"
Can you guess the show?

Cool pic.
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Glad you liked this one ! Thanks for your note....
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Love the idea of mixing a bus with what looks like a trolley and combining it the airplane props. Then to add him to the right hand side instead of the US left hand side again a US skyline; very thought provoking. The added story line add a lot as well. Well done! Which I had your skill!
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Looks like the pilot is enjoying himself :D
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Yes... for once, I made something joyful with bright colours !
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Thank you very much !
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