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Celestial Palace Hotel



At first, when the Celestial Ltd Company launched its vast project of resort hotels built on asteroids, it sounded like a good idea. But then again, the world and its surroundings were an orderly place, in those days. Shortly after the turn of the twentieth century, as everyone knows, the universe began to fall into pieces. The asteroids, as if to demonstrate they were no exception to the new global disorder, first followed increasingly erratic trajectories through the aether to, in the end, entirely set themselves free from their regular, nicely predictable orbits. Several hotels from the Celestial Ltd chain of resorts simply disappeared into interstellar space... staff, clients, china, silver and all. The Celestial Ltd Company rapidly lost interest in the project, mainly because of the financial losss and because the vanished asteroid based hotels were never to be heard about. Not completely, though. Up to this very day, astronauts regularly catch glimpses of one of these grand palaces while on some intergalactic mission, although, for some reason, they are usually reluctant to mention it...
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