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Enhanced Pony Sources Pack V3.8

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I made a full pack that contains all files necessaries to make an enhanced pony, so in this way the users can make a pony or OC that works for both Gmod or SFM, or just for SFM.
I want to precise, that for who wants to make the model just for SFM, to use the .qc that has "_sfm" at the end of the name, so to avoid confusions.
About Gmod, I made a base of which I just removed the eyebrows, and let the main flexes intact.
The .qc files that have "_sfm" at the of the name, means that those will work JUST for SFM (I remember it, in case someone had to forget to read the 2nd line), while the other .qc files will work for both GMOD and SFM.
You can use the .qc files for whatever thing you want, but I suggest you to read carefully at the names, because otherwise you risk that your model can work only for SFM.
I included the bat version too (only SFM and Gmod/SFM use), while about the Gmod (and SFM) version, you can find the damn eyebrows here: )
I includeded too, the animatronic male and female version, for Gmod and SFM use.
I added even the .dmx bases, and I don't regret for having discovered it just some days ago, indeed...
I suggest to everyone to use this pack, because it's the only one on DA (and in the world probably) that gives you all the existent MLP bases, and that they are kept updated in case of new updates.
Have fun, and let me know if there are problems.

Credit to :iconjuicedane: for the female references and flexes too;
Credit to :iconartyhitech: for the male reference, updated with female flexes male version by
AeridicCore, modified and updated for Gmod support plus SFM one (not .dmx, just saying) by me plus several versions too.
:iconasa-izumi: , :iconargodaemon: , :icontheshabbycat: , :icontaceo: ; :icongaohaq: , :icondamagek: and others for the animations.

Tell me even what you think, if it was a good idea make this pack, or let everyone without anything.

It requires this pack to work properly… .
For Gmod users, make sure to have the enhanced faceposer…

Update  27/05/2019
*added enhanced filly and colt bases originally made by AeridicCore, modified and updated for Gmod (they work for SFM too, but as usual, they don't have the eyebrows) by me;
*added examples of .QCs about fillies and colts to make the own canon (or fanon) colt or filly;
*rigged and resized accessories (most of them have an own bone), manes, tails and fixed the bone position of the horn (to which I gave an own bone) for a better accuracy and to avoid errors (and to avoid to scale them directly by the .QC, and to make everything easier, especially for the ones that are new about .QCs and stuff);
*other minor bugs have been fixed.

Future updates:
*adding some custom flexes;
*studies about how to make work on them re-scaling about the eyes;
*a particular update for a better customization that I will not spoil;
*a tutorial about using the pack plus some suggestions (done);
*other stuff.

Also, REVamped version isn't even close the ponies in show, just saying...
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Why do the QC files have 24 flexes compared to the released models?