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[DL] Enhanced Ponies 2nd pack (Ragdolls)

Model  3d model


New preview image made by :icond0ntst0pme:

Twilight Sparkle (Fashion): AeridicCore
Twilight Sparkle (Future): Poninnahka
Twilight Sparkle (Sci-Fi): DazzioN
Twilight Sparkle (Crazy): Maximo
Starlight Glimmer (Season 5): AeridicCore
Coco Pommel: Postal-Code
Maud Pie: Postal-Code with updated gear by BeardedDoomGuy   
Marble Pie: Sindroom
Cloudy Quartz: FillerArtist
Mayor Mare: Pika-Robo
Suri Polomare: FillerArtist
Tree Hugger: Longsword97
Moond Dancer: Longsword97
Sugar Belle: aral750
Twinkle Shine: RenderingBytes
Lemon Hearts: Nutrafin
Twilight Velvet: BeardedDoomGuy  
Cadence (Young): AeridicCore
Night Glider: JarusKais
Beauty Brass: BeardedDoomGuy
Colgate: RenderingBytes
Igneous Rock: AeridicCore
Sunburst: Longsword97
Flash Sentry: me with the help of Daz-Atac (mane and tail)
Blue Blood: Legoguy9875
Double Diamond: Sindroom
Party Favor: aral750
Royal Guard (Male): LunarGuardWhoof
Adagio Dazzle: yoksaharat
Aria Blaze: yoksaharat
Limestone Pie: me with the help of Daz-Atac (mane and tail)
Sonata Dusk: yoksaharat
Cabellaron: AeridicCore (there isn't the image in the list, but the model is there)
Raindrops: Pika-Robo
Macareina (R63 Big Mac): Maximo
Detective Rarity: KindKeep3r
Saffron Masala: KindKeep3r
Sailor Jack: KindKeep3r
Alternate Rainbow Dash: AeridicCore
Alushy: Maximo
Flutterbat: ???
Flutterlestia: AeridicCore
*NEW Survivor Shy: cortez95

I decided to make this pack, following the suggestion of :icontyraka628: about some pony models, of which most of them were done and even with nice results.
In this way, now we have a good part of MLP cast converted to enhanced version, of which everyone can use for both SFM and Gmod, but above all this will make happy a lot of Gmodmodders, because I explained some time ago, SFM isn't the only one source application that exists in the whole source engine, but there is even Gmod (but it looks like that SFM people prefer to listen just other people...)
I wrote even the list of who made each pony in the pack, just to avoid errors.
I improved their textures as well, plus minor things, but aside that, I focused more about improving textures.
Let me know if there are problems.

Hope you like the pack, and for who wants to have the damn eyebrows  <- Here.
About animations, you need this (download it again in case of new updates).
About flexes for Gmod users, they require this tool…
Universal presets can be found here:…

Update 26/07/2018
*added mirrored manes (to some ponies);
*added main bones to the manes (except a few of them);
*replaced some flexes (referrred to the female ones) about the mouth (the ones about up and down) with two stereo ones (so they'll work with presets too);
*added bone for the horn;
*added bones to the accessories that lacked of them;
*other minor bugs fixed.
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well thanks but that does not help i need vid i am not good with pics