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[DL] Enhanced Background Ponies (bat version)



Bat version of the background ponies suggested by :iconpowdan:
Preview image made by :icond0ntst0pme:
Soure files used (and that you can use TOO): Enhanced Pony Sources Pack V3.1 by Stefano96

A pack of ponies that contains bat ponies enhanced version (plus some bonus models like Starlight from season 6 of :iconjdash42: and others that I don't spoil)
Each pony has:
*refined textures;
*right quality\size of each texture;
*independent textures from lightwarp.

Let me know if there are problems.

Hope you like the pack, and for who wants to have the damn eyebrows  Gmod ponies [DL]: Pony Eyebrow Fix! by Benno950 <- Here.
About flexes for Gmod users, they require this tool…

Universal presets can be found here:…

About animations, you need this [DL] The Puppet Master (source files) by Stefano96 (and you need to re-download it in case of new updates).

Update 15/07/2018
*added mirrored manes (and mirrored jigglebones);
*added main bones for the manes;
*replaced some flexes about the mouth (the ones about up and down) with two stereo ones (so they'll work with presets too);
*other minor bugs have been fixed.

Image details
Image size
1920x1080px 2.08 MB
© 2017 - 2022 Stefano96
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Now I'm getting 28 Pranks Later flashbacks.

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I know the perfect song to with this picture.

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Isn’t this a refer de to that one movie in the “Blade” series?
Gamer-Tom's avatar
Cool may I have permission to use those model for my comic?
Gabezilla97's avatar
Render reminds me of Blade.
PrinceDuskstripe's avatar
I said the same thing with the underground rave blood shower scene.
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Hey there, I'm using the rainbow dash bat enhanced base for an OC I'm working on, and the model has no eyebrows or eye flexes (ex. Frown, angry, sad, relaxed, wide, happy, happy2, lidraise, lidlowerer, closeeyes, closeeyes 2) Were those flexes ever included in the dmx you made? Also, is it possible for you to include those flexes in the dmx if they was missing and link the new one? Thanks 
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Did you touch anything in the .qc?
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nothing within the qc. It's all located withing the dmx file. If I swapped out your dmx base for the "reference_rd_enh.dmx" file that Aeridic made, all the flexes and the eyebrows show up. It's just that the bat ears are not included.
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You're using a different base from mine. That's why you have problems
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It's not a different base. That was just an example. I'm using your rd_bat_enh.dmx base which does not have the flexes for the eyes or eyebrows. Can you confirm or deny that your enhanced bat base includes these flexes?
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I can just confirm that my bat .qc is base on a combination of .vta flexes plus .dmx ones
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Ok. If it's a combination of different files, then there isn't an actual enhanced rainbow bat model then? I've tried looking for that model and couldn't find it anywhere to try and decompile it to look at the qc. But I did manage to get a hold of :iconwintergleam: OC which you made the base for. And if you're saying the base was just a combination of files, then there was never a real model that it belonged to?

Just trying to figure out how the base came to be, and how I can use it for different bat models is all
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[DL] Enhanced ponies (bat version) by Stefano96 or you must directly download my source pack
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thats not how bat ponys work.
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Gmod Report: It seems everything is OK! :iconcheckmarkplz: 
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The wings were broken though. At least when using the "closed" bodygroup.
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Are you sure? I've tested it again and found nothing wrong.
Would you have a print screen or something about it?
d0ntst0pme's avatar
Would need to start it up again. Got nothing on hand rn.
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Really? I'm gonna check out again so
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let me guess it's picture is inspired by the first blade movie when the person suddenly surrounded by the vampires .

Bescause I remember this scene.

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Bat Ponies will be the the Equestrian Equivalent of Zombies
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