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SimpleOne-Dragthing Theme

By StefanKa
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SimpleOne-Dragthing Theme
© 2009 - 2021 StefanKa
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I have been DragThing user from few years. Recently found iCollections as a replacement (64bit app). So far I'm very satisfied. It has lots of configuration options and works like a charm. Now I've bought the app with lifetime free upgrades. I recommend iCollections for every DragThing users.

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Pretty cool theme. Thanks!
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how to install your breed?
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Download the Mac application called "Dragthing." Then when you download this theme, you will be able to apply it to that specific app.
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how to install this candy ?
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how to install this candy ?
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I've just started to dabble with DragThing and I love this theme! I just posted a screenshot of my May desktop and it shows this theme in (very limited, as in one dock) use. [link]

It's not the craziest example of this in action but it's enough for me to tip my hat in your direction and say thanks!
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How do you install it?
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nevermind i figured it out, great theme! (:
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how do i make the x - + go away on drag thing? I can't figure it out, if someone could help me figure out how to make that go away it would be very much appreciated (: please and thank you
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Nice dragthing theme!
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How do I install the theme?
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thank you so much!!
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hello pelase fix the link dont work ..
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aah always come back to this dragthing theme
beauty as it is, never old. thanks
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hey, first of top job on the design very mnml and clean so props, second of all im quite keen on designing my own yet have been unsuccessful in finding any how-to guides...i was just wondering if you knew of any or you possibly message me a simple version of your process.

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hi very nice, how do you install it, any soft?
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Can you please send me instructions to install I'm a noob? Awesome theme by the way!
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nice one!! I'm using it now!! thanx!!
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Fantastic simplicity, Great piece of GD!
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How would i go about installing this without screwing my computer up?
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Running nicely - Thanks so much
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