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awesome concept!!! can i have the .psd or better the .xcf file of the skin??
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I thought the theme was this torn paper look. Too bad it isn't.
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beautiful skin :D
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can you make for winamp please ?
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Oh wow, i like this a lot! Thank YOU!
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ich hab so was ähnliches probbiert zu zeichnen, es ist nur müll rausgekommen

deins sieht einfach nur fantastisch aus! super arbeit
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great! but how can i install it?
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it's not a simple !!! It's professional
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what`s it used for? anyway it`s amazing
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Any chance we can get this working on snow leopard? It's my favorite bowtie theme.
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this is coooool!
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What a great Bowtie, Love the way it hide/show. Great job on this one!
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I second that above comment. This theme is incredible but I like to use bowtie on the bottom right side of my screen and it would make it look a lot cleaner if it could open up from the left side as well.
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Is there ever gonna be a left-sided version of this great theme??
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I have to agree with PieKey. Altho this theme is pretty cool, i thought ur preview was slightly misleading. I thought your bowtie theme was the ripped paper.
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:| I hoped the preview with the wrenched paper would be the theme. gosh. that would be total awesome. :|
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Nice work man.
:star: Featured on iconpaper [link]
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Best bowtie theme Ive seen so far (startpack+every release on macthemes). I just cant stop looking at it. :shocked:
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I reaaaaallly like this one. Is it possible to make one that opens from left to right?

Thank you so much!
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I love the animation man :)
Featured on GuiPulp ;)
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