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Longhorn Inspirat

3 Substyles
with new shellstyle
Y'z Toolbar, one by me and two Jade Toolbars by SpaceKid ;)
all substyles comes with alternative startbuttons
The Toolbar seperators are transparent, so you can give your toolbar your own space like Longhorn.

© 2004 - 2021 StefanKa
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this is only for xp right?
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Who is the Theme File ????
:D (Big Grin) 
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Would love to see someone update this for 2014 tastes (flat UI, hint hint) and release it as a theme for Windows 8.1.
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windows 7 theme ??????????????
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I wish someone did it :3
good!! excellent Liking it
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Ah, Longhorn Inspirat. An old classic from such a long time ago, and a personal favourite of mine's, the skin that helped raise the bar in Windows customization back then. Amazing that people are still downloading and using this, a sure sign of a classic.

I wonder if anyone has tried to port this theme over to Windows 7? It could be awesome to see this theme ported as exactly as possible - I could love to use this old theme all over again.
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This is great, i took this to my windows visual style :)
Very cool skin. Thanks Stefanka.
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Is this for windows vista or XP?
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Heh, I remember using this one back in 2005, still looks awesome.
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holy crap, it's weird to come back and look at this 6 years later, especially considering what ended up happening with the longhorn project. heh.
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very nice and eye catching VS, i'm with the clean version
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yay! a white style that i actualy like!
im using it as we speak, and dont plan on changing it.
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