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DragThing + BowtieTheme will be release soon.
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Feautured Apple-Art
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nice ! do you have the wallpaper link ?
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Hey StefanKa, i was wondering why Movist is a big deal? I've seen a couple people using this now and i was wondering if there is something special to it besides what the website describes. Thanks, and as always, sick freaking desktop. Check mine out if you got time.
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Effin Awesome dude
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Awesome desktop! What's the name of that Adium theme?
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very nice
what is the name of that dock?
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Can you release the Movist mod? Please
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wallpaper please :D Looks awesome
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Subtle and elegant, as always ... the wallpaper does wonders too, which brings me to my question ....where can i get it ?
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All commenters have ~ in front of their handles. Pretty neat. Hey Stef, are you planning on releasing your Movist skin at some point? Love your style. I need to get working on my own version if their will be no release though, I need it that bad. Obsession, I guess.
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whats the mediaplayer? i love this skin could you share? ^.^~~
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+1 on the video player...

I need that.
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I've been waiting for this for a while. Many thanks. My only request would be for a skin for the original dock that matches. Is it out there somewhere?
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what VLC theme is that?????
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Exquisite and perfect
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Very cool desktop. It's the nicest black interface I've ever seen (and I've seen many). It looks clean and simple but has a professional look whereas some get too crazy for me.

The only thing I'm missing out on is I can't use any of your themes because I'm on windows. (which is why I always wish it were possible for any theme I see and like to have both a Mac and Windows counterpart).
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Can you tell me how you configured the drawer at the right? I don't know how to get the sharp edges. Thanks.
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I'm not very familiar with Macs, is this Tiger or Leopard?
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can't wait for the release :)
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gr8 shot! can't wait for the release :D
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