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Wanted to create another enviroment, this time a big swamp. Took me way too long to paint this, about 10 hours all in all. Used a few textures but not much, about 95% is painted from scratch.

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One of the most talented Deviants I know and watch, delivered yet another fantastic piece. It makes you feel so small, as if the trees are huge, it could be in a magical land, a part of an enchanted forest, or in a far away planet where every is equaly as big.

The part I like the most is defenatly the textures. I feel as if I can touch and feel the wood and mosh under my palm. What I don't like as much is the lighting. It is dramatic and powerful, but the trees seem too dark everywhere, maybe some of them could be lighter to make the trees closer to us pop up more.

Overall the piece is stunning with great details. I can't wait to see what your next piece will be.
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thanks a lot ;)
and yeah I know I'm creating to many dark pieces, but brighter Pictures are harder :D
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Hello. Can I use this picture for to illustrate a place on my RPG forum ?
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Your art is sensational, it is so beautiful! Do you have wordpress or tumblr?
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May I have your permission, Mr. Hürlemann, to use this art for a Swamp card in my custom Magic: The Gathering expansion, Safiria?

Darf ich um Ihre Erlaubnis, Herr Hürlemann, um diese Technik für ein Swamp Karte in meinem benutzerdefinierten Magic: The Gathering Ausdehnung, Safiria, verwenden?
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hey i used the background on a background for my overlay here's what it looks like.…
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can i use this image for an overlay?( it will just be a thing for myself, i wont be sharing it )
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my I just love these pictures.^^
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woooow so nice the light on the end the trees just perfect

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I would like to use this image for an HTML-PHP-based game that I am collaborating on. I will give full credit.
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I would like to use the image in a Magic Set Editor custom project. It is really just a pet project, no profit, purely for fun. If you'd like to know more, please feel free to ask for the details. If you'd prefer if I didn't, just say. Thank you
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Go ahead, but make sure to credit me.
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awesome mood to this, i love it
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:iconspirits-arts: >>>> BEST OF NOVEMBER >>>> [link]
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10 hours seems long, but you achieved a greatly detailed piece! awesome work!
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Man, you could hide anything in there. ;) Luscious!
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Sure thing. Keep it up!
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Brilliant work, the atmospheric perspective is fantastic and the overall mood is really impactful. Love it! Just curious, how did you create the slightly foggy effect?
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thank you! Well you simply use white or grey brushes with very low opacity. Or you could use white or grey gradients with very low opacity. Then you set the things you want to have appearing nearer to the viewer before the brushes/gradients.
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