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Wanted to create another enviroment, this time a big swamp. Took me way too long to paint this, about 10 hours all in all. Used a few textures but not much, about 95% is painted from scratch.

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One of the most talented Deviants I know and watch, delivered yet another fantastic piece. It makes you feel so small, as if the trees are huge, it could be in a magical land, a part of an enchanted forest, or in a far away planet where every is equaly as big.

The part I like the most is defenatly the textures. I feel as if I can touch and feel the wood and mosh under my palm. What I don't like as much is the lighting. It is dramatic and powerful, but the trees seem too dark everywhere, maybe some of them could be lighter to make the trees closer to us pop up more.

Overall the piece is stunning with great details. I can't wait to see what your next piece will be.