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lol, spaceart. 1 hour with photoshop, no ressources, all painted.

Download the brushes I used here:
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Well I think ur work is stunning. Thanx so much 4 sharing with all our junkees.
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With a picture like this it makes you wonder why man thinks he's a big screamin' deal!!
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AMAZING! Looks better than the real thing.

I would like to get those brushes, but I said "fuck facebook" a couple months ago so I no longer have an account, your page won't allow me to download them unless I press "Like", and of course, that means creating an account...

Is there any other way?

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I'll send the download link to you in a note ;)
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oh wow! only one hour? No resources? i envy your skills!
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Pictures like this show ya how insignificant man is. General George S. Patton knew this when he spoke to his men about man's achievements are nothing compaired to God's Creation!!
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thanks man and sorry for the late answer
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thats reaaallly dazzling
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looks nicely rough/dirty
only the too-clear star-flares i find not too fitting to the rest :)
but a treat to look at nonetheless
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thank you :D I for myself like them^^
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then everything is good the way it is
i think

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Ich finde deine SpaceArt jedes Mal wunderschön, aber dieses Bild hat mich derart spontan an Freelancer erinnert (liegt es am Titel?), dass ich Dir das auch mal sagen wollte! Mach unbedingt weiter so! (nicht dass ich Grund zur Annahme hätte, dass du es nicht tun würdest...)
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Freelancer? Das war doch ein Spiel oder nicht? Sry nur davon gehört bis jetzt. Und der Titel ist das Japanische Wort für Fantasie ;)
Danke dir :D
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Superlative image, wondrously rich colours.

Best regards,
Michael C. Turner
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Fucking epic dude !
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