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Mist Worm 2

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Tried to kinda copy the eagle nebula from eye, bah I'm an idea ripper from nature :D

hope you guys like it.

check step by step ([link]) and other interesting things on my blog: [link]
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This painting is very well achieved! I really like the light and shadow work, which is after all, what characterise nebulas! (And personally, I love this one). :clap:
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they are also called "the pillars of life" very well done nebula.
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thanks! and sorry for the VERY late reply :(
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du könntest es sowieso besser^^
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laber keen müll. :P
bei meinem dummen style würde sowas schäbig aussehen. aber das hier sieht echt hammerspitzenmäßig aus. <3
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nice work looks like the real thing.
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This is incredible
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ooo man, this is great!
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Ripping ideas from nature is an age-old strategy for creating masterpieces ;) You've done an absolutely amazing job on this. Inspiring, in fact; I'm gonna go work on painting nebulae...
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Looks great. This nebula has always got my attention, from creeping me out when I was little to inspiring me as I got older :XD: looks very much like it!
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This great work has been featured in news article [link] :heart: :)
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amazing, I'm in love with the colors and the atmosphere, it's so dreamy and surreal, speaks to my inner soul
Very lovely work :) Nature is always inspiring
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You think you could give a more detailed tutorial please?
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hmm, problem is, that i dont really have a tutorial for this. I just started by adding color and more color and then that came out^^ Hard to explain. :D
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Love it- I meditate to this in one of my meditations. Thank you! :meditate:
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wow, first time someone wants to meditate to one of my works. Thanks a lot^^
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Nice Job! Your welcome and my pleasure. :sun:
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The Eagle Nebula! Amazing! How do you create such beautiful clouds?
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I've got a step by step in my blog of it^^
to paint it cloud-like i have a really good custom brush which makes it easy to make it look cloudy :D
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Thanks, I look for it.
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copying is learning! Seems to me you're a good student :iconzwordarts: :clap:
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