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thanks a lot
`taenaron for help
~Xenofish for help
~Ov3RMinD for help
~Kaboku for help

If you like my work, please don't forget to watch me ;)

This and many other works in my gallery are avaible for commercial use. Contact me for prices and wishes.
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Another piece produced by you and I am really glad that I added you to my deviantWATCH a month or so ago to see the progression in your pieces.

The angel Lucifer really does come alive in this piece, with hints of darkness and an unsettling feeling by the use of deep reds and dark tones. The asteroids have been done marvelously, they are not too sharp as in some pieces that you will see, but more like the realistic "potato". The use of smoky burshes or techniques echoes the style of JoeJesus, and works succesfully here. The starfield is simple but effective, including a galaxy. The focal point is also very well done using fractals. A very solid and rather brilliant technique

The planets are the part that I feel could be improved. The larger planet's texture seems to lack the contrast of the rest of the image, a sort of washed out look. I also feel that the ships could be moved closer to the focal point so that they are immediately noticed and appreciated by an observer. However, these are very small things compared to the piece.

This spaceart piece is one of your best yet, technique and creativity wise. The colour is what makes it pop out as well as the associated themes of the angel Lucifer. Keep it up.