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The real coldness of space....

New work.
Thx at ~Lyridae, ~pipper-SVK and the spaceart channel for support

gimp 2.4
a bottle of coke
google earth
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ifreex's avatar
Awesome work mate!
ProJericho's avatar
Kannst ma n Tutorial rausbringen, wie du das ungefähr gemacht hast? :D
StefanHuerlemann's avatar
zuerst n plani gemacht
dann im bg ne nebula mit fractals n painting.
lightning added.
dann mit tg2 die asteroiden gemacht und eingefügt..
ProJericho's avatar
Und jetzt auf Deutsch? xD
StefanHuerlemann's avatar
das war auf deutsch:P
ProJericho's avatar
Ich habs aber nich verstanden xD
Etheryn's avatar
the background is great, the planet is good, but i think the texture of the planet is kind of low quality, maybe u didnt make the planets resolution big enough before putting it into the picture, and the moon is just dumb XD, it has water etc, i dont see how that is possible for a moon.

the asteroids are good, maybe a bit too sharp however these things with the lightning on, the lightning on them is not that good at all, on the left one i would prefer smooth light and not hard edges, the right one is good but i can barely identify the object.
the text is not good at all, but conclusion: overall the picture is amazing but with room for improvement
ProJericho's avatar
Sau geil =) Kommt in meine Favoriten! Aber ich finde, der Planet ist nicht cold genug.
JonasMarckert's avatar
zu unkreativ fürn eigenen namen? :P
wenn jetzt noch "cold 2.0" kommt verklag ich dich :D
btw, mein neuer pc kommt diese woche -> ich kann vll doch noch bei deinem contest mitmachen :D
StefanHuerlemann's avatar
du hast n piece, welches cold heisst?:D
ich wollte einfach n kaltes piece machen, und da bietet sich der name cold einfach an:D
JonasMarckert's avatar
hier cold [link] und cold 2.0 [link] :D
ich glaub wir sind zu unkreativ was namen für "kalte" bilder betrifft :D
Mozako01's avatar
I am Speechless! This is a great work of Art. Did you use any 3D programs to help you create the interesting textures for the space, the Planet and Asteroids?
StefanHuerlemann's avatar
for the asteroids i used terragen tech preview 2 and for the background of space, i used apophysis - its a 2d fractal prog;)
all of my programms are opensource;)
Mozako01's avatar
Thanks for sharing the info. I will take advantage of using 3D programs in the future to enhance my landscape scenes. I don't think i'll reach your level :)
StefanHuerlemann's avatar
but i think, u will reach my level without problems:D
btw, plz join the spaceart channel on deviantart;)
Moev's avatar
schike sache dat :D
Marchibial-Arts's avatar
naja bekommst mal nen fav :D

Nebula gefallen mir hier allerdings nicht ganz so gut wie sonst, wirken mir zu öde :p
Unterer Teil des Bildes is aber sehr nice
bishopBlueWaters's avatar
Great but the big planet seems LQ... Other than perfect!! And you use gimp??? Gud on ya...
StefanHuerlemann's avatar
MystalurDimensh's avatar
Since there was Dead Space, now they're going to make Cold Space :P
Camille-Besneville's avatar
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