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Ascensus in caelum

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Happy new year everybody!

If you like my work, please add me to your watchlist.
Nearly all of my work is open for comercial use. If you have any questions, ask.
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killswitchengagex's avatar
the background nebula is great
Enigz's avatar
I love it :)

These colours it's amazing.
Militant-Jester's avatar
This is pretty sweet. The asteroids are great (something I don't often say).
Nils-Iver's avatar
lovely blue tone, EXCELLENT that you included the actual shadow of the planet, many forgets that valuable detail
Regulus36's avatar
Nice work you guys have done! :thumbsup: and even if it's not green it still looks good
helonka's avatar
Wastelander7's avatar
Blue works very nicely! Great piece!

That solar system looks doomed though. That second star in the lower background looks uncomfortably close. (if you lived there that is)

Cool pic!
I-am-Britta's avatar
very pretty and well-organized :) did you use any particular program?
StefanHuerlemann's avatar
He used photoshop while i used gimp ;)
I-am-Britta's avatar
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SuperSmurgger's avatar
You're VERY Welcome ! :huggle:
jimbobspaghetti's avatar
This is the piece I am always trying to produce but never getting there. Great use of the dark space & nothing too much shows , just enough to let you know it is massive. Very great work.
StefanHuerlemann's avatar
never give up, you'll reach that stage ;)
focallength's avatar
focallength's avatar
You're welcome.
constantie's avatar
Its a great piece you have made :) I like it very much
TJUArt's avatar
Nice work I'll probably write a crit later ;)
StefanHuerlemann's avatar
that would be awesome!
thank you ;)
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