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2012 - Earth

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What is gonna happen in 2012? NOTHING!
I went for realism in this one. Kinda like it. Hopy you may use it as a Wallpaper(I do).


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Alura-the-Sage's avatar
Very nice and realistic! Oh yeah, and I TOTALLY agree that the world isn't going to end in 2012. The Mayans probably thought that they weren't going to last until 2012 so they just stopped making the calendar.
SamND1967's avatar
Very nice.

And NOTHING will happen, they're just scaring us.
Floxinard's avatar
AMAZING... you've GOT to tell me how you did that background space scene... I suck at that T.T
DrakeRenar1's avatar
That's a lot of City lights more than there should be!
Philip25's avatar
well done, but some city lights are in the ocean ;) and u could arch them a little bit more. The space is pretty nice!
tommyvanklies's avatar
Of course I like :)
moo-chi-64's avatar
But... but zombies :tears:

XD Nice picture. I'm still hoping for zombies though.
DrakeRenar1's avatar
If you're hoping zombies and that happens well I'm headed north to the arctic circle because the zombies have no body heat they'll freeze to death (or is that death again?)
moo-chi-64's avatar
Lol, I live in Yellowknife XD I think I'm safe.
DrakeRenar1's avatar
I live in Maine so I don't think that's cold enough although I would only have to travel a couple of a hundred miles north to get to a cold location.
4-CtY's avatar
"What is gonna happen in 2012? NOTHING! "

Thank you.

Nice work with the populated lights.
AbikK's avatar
Looks nice, I like the glow and nebulas very much. I think city's lights could be a bit smaller. Nonetheless, the whole picture looks really amazing.
grote-design's avatar
Beautiful work, and pretty realistic, i suppose (i don't know, never been in space to see it! XD).
2012 will probably not mean the apocalypse and sorry, but for the moment, i have my own spaceart as wallpaper so won't use yours (now). ;)
I cant make out the continents- I see Europe on the terminator but there a mass of lights up to the north pole above Scotland. There's also two river Niles ! !
Mulsivaas's avatar
Very realistic. What a fantastic job! :D
danarogon's avatar
Finaly! someone who knows that the world won't end in 2012!
God damn it! people killed them selfs because they belived that the world would end in 2000! and look were we are now! we are still HERE!
lsudny's avatar
nothing except that people will panic as hell.

Nevermind, awesome work.
AxelofReaht's avatar
Christ thank you. No. nothing will happen. December 21st, 2012 I will wake up, possibly take a final (depending on classes naturally) or wake up, do whatever.
GenesisArclite's avatar
I think the lights on the terminator are a little bright, but otherwise this looks wonderful. And nope, nothing will happen in 2012, except another presidential election. Ohnoes. Excellent work, I love it! :)
SuperSmurgger's avatar
Totaly amazing !! And I agree with you ; 2012 is a lie !!
QAuZ's avatar
Too bright city-ligh and very thick shadow and brightness at the same time on the planet Earth! Otherwise I like the colors and style from the background it makes the moon looks good.
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