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Talk That Talk

[ erotic art made with respect ]
Image details
Image size
5616x3744px 14.35 MB
Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Shutter Speed
1/160 second
Focal Length
27 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Apr 15, 2012, 3:30:03 PM
Sensor Size
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VonDude's avatar
Amazing legs!
letmewind's avatar
sooooo beautiful,great job
Many suggested and outlined shapes and thoughts. Great work
zr2013's avatar
amazing model and picture!
Nerf-or-Nothing's avatar
With the clothing she's wearing and how she is wearing it, it distracts the viewer and putsnall the focus on her augmentation and thats not what you want to do, in this sort of fashion and pose because it only highlights they aren't real and while quite a few viewers prefer fake, many more prefer real. Luckily though quite a few don't know the difference because they haven't been around any in real life so i guess it still works :/ still for this particular model i would have done a different pose.
KEKART11's avatar
The model is amazing to be sure but it is your lighting and the set that brings this image to life. Erotic and elegant. Well done.
She is hot..................
plateau1999's avatar
Simply amazing composition and an overall well done photo!
vogeljz's avatar
Love the mask
trainmann1's avatar
Very amazing shot. Love the setting. The lighting from the window really helps give a great clow. The model's pose and expression is just captivating. Lovely shot!
spacezillazon's avatar
MichiIzkurEreshkigal's avatar
Her boobs look so fake, if they didn't I think I would enjoy the photo more
other then that nice mask!
Oni-Studio's avatar
Who cares if her boobs are fake, you wear make up, wear heels, ect. All of those items are to enhance your appearance, and are not "real"
MichiIzkurEreshkigal's avatar
I don't wear make up , I rarely wear heels, and heels and make up are not changing my natural body , I could take them off at the end of the day. Sorry I don't find saline filled boobs as attractive as natural ones, I also don't like any forms of plastic surgery unless they are done out of necessity like to fix disfigurment, I also find in unattractive when people dye their hair to an unnatural color or have so many tattoos you can't see there skin. Some people like things like that I don't. I'm not the only who thinks fake boobs are gross. I'm entitled to an opinion. I was making a statement that if her boobs didn't look so fake I would enjoy the picture more and that I liked the mask. So obviously I care
Tory-Kasper's avatar
I don't usually agree with negative comments towards deviations but I do have to agree, gravity simply doesn't work that way. Otherwise everything about this photo is beautiful, but in this case I think it would have been better just to keep her chest covered.
MichiIzkurEreshkigal's avatar
I was just stating an opinion my "negative" comment wasn't malicious
Tory-Kasper's avatar
I know it wasn't. That's why I didn't say bad or threatening or attacking, I simply meant negative feedback, and I was agreeing with your feedback.
MichiIzkurEreshkigal's avatar
Oh ok :)
Negative feed back can help (again when it ain't malicious)
Tory-Kasper's avatar
I agree, that's why I don't respond usually, because bullying an artist isn't helpful at all, and I just think, how would that make me feel. Constructive criticism is always a welcome tool though. :3
I totally disagree with you, I see something else, however I see your point of view too. You spoke your mind, well said with tact and honesty- that seems to be the point of this type of forum. A worthwhile contribution-thanks.
rapado's avatar
I'm going to say something, beautiful model, beautiful photo, and... beautiful nipples:), in general amazing photo, and amazing model anatomy.
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