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The Rain
From far above
I tumble down
You don't see where
I've fallen from
I'm everywhere
But I am one
I cover all
With all my blood
I drizzle down
I hit the ground
I break apart
I am the rain
You all feel me
All over you
Then I dry up
I am the rain
You can't catch me
You can't hold me
I slip through your fingers
I could drown you all
I keep you alive but
I could drown you all
I am the rain
:iconstef-cannon-3886:Stef-Cannon-3886 0 3
One With The Night by Stef-Cannon-3886 One With The Night :iconstef-cannon-3886:Stef-Cannon-3886 0 4 A New Start - 1 of 2 by Stef-Cannon-3886 A New Start - 1 of 2 :iconstef-cannon-3886:Stef-Cannon-3886 0 1
A Glimpse Inside VI
It's true, I haven't known you long
If it were up to me
I'd still know you
But then I don't know you
Like I thought I did
Despite all our good times
You chose to go silent
And fill me with uncertainty
We could have been lifelong friends
Even though I wanted more
I don't understand
And may never
But I'll say goodbye to you
Before you get the chance
I get angry
I get sad
Sides of me you'll never see
:iconstef-cannon-3886:Stef-Cannon-3886 0 2
'Your Hair Smells Like Blood' by Stef-Cannon-3886 'Your Hair Smells Like Blood' :iconstef-cannon-3886:Stef-Cannon-3886 0 3 School's Out by Stef-Cannon-3886 School's Out :iconstef-cannon-3886:Stef-Cannon-3886 0 3
Metal Gear Snackbar
Solid Snack skillfully dodged yet another of Metal Gear RITZ's missiles, but a piece of shrapnel slashed across his side. He grunted and winced in pain as small crumbs of his biscuity body started to fall away. He had been gradually going stale this entire mission, but he had plenty of fight left in him, even while Liquid Beverage mocked him from high up in RITZ's cockpit: "Oh sorry about that Snack! But don't go falling apart on me yet brother, we're just getting started!"
As Snack got to his feet, a bit shakily, he wondered how he could be related to that shapeless mass of liquid sloshing around at the controls of the deadliest Metal Gear yet. He looked like a psychotic glass of apple juice.
All Snack had available was his pistol now, all other options were exhausted. The cyborg ninja cracker body of Grey Jatz lay nearby, having been trampled by the RITZ. Snack was either going to end this now, or die trying.
The RITZ took two slow lumbering steps forward, as if taking its time. Snac
:iconstef-cannon-3886:Stef-Cannon-3886 0 6
A Glimpse Inside V
Like an emotional minefield
Watching every little step I make
When will I put a foot right?
Why can't I just run free?
Things were meant to be different
But I shouldn't give up
But what to do now?
Watching the clock
The endless waiting
May be worse than the silence
Wanting to make contact
But shouldn't
So the clock will keep ticking
And I'll hope for the best
Behind a thick barrier of fearing the worst
It needs to be broken
It needs to come down
:iconstef-cannon-3886:Stef-Cannon-3886 1 2
Raina Kombat II by Stef-Cannon-3886 Raina Kombat II :iconstef-cannon-3886:Stef-Cannon-3886 1 2
A Glimpse Inside IV
Get out of my head
If I'm not welcome to you
Then you're not welcome here
You may not mean it but you're hurting me
Do you even care?
Maybe you did once
Why won't you leave?
I'm tired of using up
My thoughts
My time
My care
On a ghost of happiness
There's no chance you're thinking of me
As I am of you
Two months on and nothing's changed
Just leave me in peace
It's time I moved on
:iconstef-cannon-3886:Stef-Cannon-3886 2 2
WE ARE VAMPIRES V.A.M.P.S by Stef-Cannon-3886 WE ARE VAMPIRES V.A.M.P.S :iconstef-cannon-3886:Stef-Cannon-3886 0 3
Living For Night
The light isn't for me
Sunglasses are a pale imitation
Nothing to squint at in the night
It is time to be free
Don't give in to sleep
Dreaming can wait
Why dream when it's time to live?
It may be dark but the world's so much brighter
Many may sleep but it all comes alive
So come out and play
:iconstef-cannon-3886:Stef-Cannon-3886 0 2
A Glimpse Inside III
I want to forget
It hurts
Is there hope in sight?
Days drag on
How long it's been
An unending spiral
Don't let it swallow me
Eating at me every day
Deeper and deeper bites
Pull me out
It's easy enough
But I can't do it myself
I don't want to hate
Do I deserve this?
Feeling sick deep down
Save me from myself
I don't want you to forget
:iconstef-cannon-3886:Stef-Cannon-3886 0 2
Random Lyrics and Words
Trying to outrace the raging stormclouds
Where are you running to now?
Where is it you think you can hide?
How do you hide from what's in your mind?
Running, running, looking for some escape
When they all lead back to the same place
Is there a storm outside?
I don't know
Come and join me on the weekend
And when you come knocking on my door
Wanting something more
I'll turn you away
What is it about such questions?
Why do you catch my eye like you do?
The only time she smiled at me was through a camera lens
And then I was scarred
You lifted me up to the sky
:iconstef-cannon-3886:Stef-Cannon-3886 0 9
A Glimpse Inside II
Breathing quickens
Heart rate increases
Aren't these a testament to the truth?
It's not an illusion like they think
I felt it, it's real
They live wrapped up in their bias
And keep their silence
It's the same old thing
Silence won't change it
Bias won't stop it
They're pointing the finger the wrong way
But maybe it's too much too soon
I did it again, I know
I'm trying not to say that word
So leave me be, I'll sing into the night alone
Then we can start over again
But let's not come back here
:iconstef-cannon-3886:Stef-Cannon-3886 0 2
Mature content
Curse or Gift? :iconstef-cannon-3886:Stef-Cannon-3886 0 4


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Stefan Placanica
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Favourite genre of music: J-Rock
Favourite style of art: Traditional
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Helloooo, anybody and everybody!!
It has been a reaaaaaally long time since I've been here, unfortunately! :o

But here I am for now at least! It's such a shame that I haven't been here, haven't seen what you've all been up to over these last months... My inbox is so full of deviations that you've all been submitting, I wish I could have done the same :p
Someday soon I hope to submit SOMEthing...!!

This is short but sweet, I hope you've all been well and enjoying your 2013 :D
I hope to drop in on you all more often, like I used to...!



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ChibizoDo Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2013  Student Digital Artist
We haven't talked in a while! lol
Stef-Cannon-3886 Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2014
Hey hey!! :D
I know huh! I'm really sorry, I almost never ever come on devART anymore...! :(
How have you been??
If you want to add me on Skype, my username is stef-dx

Or if you have Facebook, I'm under Stefan Placanica (my current profile pic is me with my guitar)

Thanks so much for your messages, sorry again and feel free to drop me a line anytime! :D
ChibizoDo Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2014  Student Digital Artist
WOAH!!! long time no see :D I think I will end up downloading Skype again :)
Stef-Cannon-3886 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2014
I feel bad that it's been that long, I'm usually good at staying in touch ^^'
By all means, grab Skype! :p
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Sense-of-Doubt Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2012
Thanks 4 da fave mang :iconxzibitplz:
Stef-Cannon-3886 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2012
Just doing my dew-tee!
Sense-of-Doubt Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2012
Sense-of-Doubt Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2011
Stef-Cannon-3886 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2011
HAHA!! From his latest single, "Salt Peanuts", "SQWEEDUP!!" *click click*
LucidBrush Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well hello to you too! Thanks, it's my life's work! :D
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