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Disney vs Marvel - Princess Battle Royale

A few years back, when Disney bought Marvel, I got a little excited and thought it would be soooo cool if there was a comic where Disney Princesses fought the Marvel "Princesses". So inspired by this thought I would give a go at making this "scene". I started right away by giving the princesses comic-book inspired abilities so that they would at least stand a chance against Marvel's powerhouses.  One by one, I picked my favorite princesses and gave them comic-book-like origins... A lot of you have seen them.  If not, here they are [link]

Almost two years ago I drew this... after much time of slowly coloring here and there, attempting to get over the nerves I had over this daunting task (I have never done anything this large before) I finally finished it. So here it is!

Over the next few months I plan to tell the story of how and why the Princesses have gotten into this situation as I one by one redo all of my original Defenders of the Enchanted Kingdom.

For now, check it out, give it a download and enjoy (Please Share it if you deem it worthy)
I have included 19 "Hidden Mickeys" throughout this piece, can you find them all?
The first 5 people to send proof of finding at least 17 of the locations of the Hidden Mickeys get a print for free! (In its original whopping 11 x 30 inch size) after that, any completions of the Challenge will get a shout out on my FB and Twitter.

1 has been claimed by "Jennifer" on FB.
1 has been claimed by "Elena" on FB.
1 has been claimed by "Jonathan" on FB.
1 has been claimed by :iconkeekeepie: AND she is the first person to get them first try.
1 has been claimed by :iconwolfram-and-hart:

Who is in this? From Left to right:
Megara vs Emma Frost
Pocahontas vs Shanna the She Devil
Nala vs Black Cat
Mary Poppins vs Spider-Woman
Ariel vs Storm
Jane vs Tigra
Tiana vs Sue Richards
Mulan vs Magik
Alice vs Shadowcat
Esmeralda vs X-23
Belle vs Rogue
Kida vs Phoenix
Aurora vs Black Widow
Jasmine vs Elektra
Cindarella vs Ms. Marvel
Tinkerbell vs Wasp
Tiger Lilly vs Psylocke
Snow White vs Blink

Also, there are 5 hints as to where this takes place.

If you would like a print, I have some available, please send me a message if you are interested =-)

Also, if you are not already, give me a follow on my FB page for updates on works in progress and such
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Amazing, amazing art.

Based on the poses I'd say the Princesses are in bad shape. Mulan is probably fucked. At best she'll be able to do a pommel bonk on Magik's head whereas Magik is perfectly poised to cut her in half with a slash of her blade. Doesn't help that Mulan is practically naked too. Looks like Tigra kicked Jane's ass, judging by the way Jane's lying on the ground, with Tigra about to climb on top of her and rip her to pieces. Esmeralda's about to get skewered by X23, Nala's getting thrashed by Black Cat, and Snow-white seems to be running (flying?) away from Blink. Kida's gonna get burned to a crisp by Phoenix, and Tiana's pretty much at Invisible Woman's mercy. Mary Poppins has also been forced into a defensive position by Spider Woman, and she's supposed to be the powerhouse for team princess

Though there is some hope for the princesses. Cinderella is destroying Ms Marvel, and Pocohontas is literally about to kill Shanna because that arrow is aimed straight at Shanna's face and she doesn't have nearly enough reaction time to dodge or to even stop Pocohontas from firing the arrow. Also it looks like Megara is slightly more dominant over her opponent based on their poses, and Shadowcat is about to find out what a flamingo to the face feels like (although she can pass through stuff so maybe not)

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Reminds me of one of the Bleach openings.
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This is awesome!😁
I like the twist you made with the Disney females.😉
Hi, please You have to do a 2nd part of this ArtWork. Including Mérida, Rapunzel Giselle, Eilonwy, Frozen, Moana, Elena Of Avalor, Sofia The 1th and Jubilee from X - Men please please I need It hehehe
Could you draw a picture of Elena from Avalor, Moana, Sofia The 1th and Eilonwy?
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This is awesome and very well done.
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i want this in the next kingdom hearts game.
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Is so awesome... thank you for creating it.
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u need to have merida vs hawkeye.
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I love how you preserved all Marvel girls in their classic iconic outfits. 
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This is just flat-out insanely awesome!
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This Picture should be became a fan-made film.

Marvel vs Disney Battle Royal.

If added a little bit of Mortal Kombat charm (games , not the movies) it would be awesome 
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This is super badass. The Disney Princesses look it, the Marvel Heroines look it, and their fighting totally show it. Great job.
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Thank you so much!!
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You're welcome, but I must ask; who's fighting Spider-Woman?
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Dude.... so much epic going on lol... 

so fucking awesome, nice work!
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Because Men are plenty represented.
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Who are Giselle,Leia,Anna,Elsa,Rapunzel and Merida supposed to fight?
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I'm gonna say... the Team up of Shego, the Daughter of Oogie Boogie and Narissa
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