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Here is the first page of a 4-pages mini-comic, which is part of our "Tale Spin Fan Comics project" : [link]
This 4-pages comic will be the introduction to a bigger story, for which we've already written the screensplay.

I am no artist, but I wanted the first page to look as good as possible. So I spent countless hours on this one! This is really a labor of love. I did everything myself (I would estimate to 15 hours of drawing, 1 hour of lettering and 5 hours of coloring) I took a lot of reference pictures (for the Sea Duck, the air pirates planes and the characters) As for the coloring, I got inspiration from the "Boom Studios" comics.

This 4-pages mini-comic is meant to reintroduce the series to many people who used to watch it but don't anymore, and the youngest. So I tried to include to include as many elements that make TaleSpin so unique and characteristic (Baloo, Becky, Kit, the air pirates, the sea duck, ...).
Yet the series was so much than that! I had to restrict myself to these to do a short story, because it had so many varied episodes, moods and situations that it would have been difficult to integrate everything!

Sorry, I can't really give a clear estimate on when the 2nd page will be available, but that will probably be between 2 weeks and a month. (again, I am no artist so it's very difficult, but I am hoping that I'll be able to do things a lot quicker now : I had to learn a lot of things on Photoshop which I'll reuse)

If you want to help on this project, PLEASE DO! You'll find all the information on the project on TaleSpin Source. We currently need SERIOUS people who actually WANT to contribute.

COMIC COVER : [link]

PAGE 2 : [link]
PAGE 3 : [link]
PAGE 4 : [link]

PLEASE COMMENT! :) And don't forget to visit TaleSpin Source! [link]
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Great work! Becky having to choose between the cargo and the diamonds made me laugh. :)

It could use some cleaning up, especially the lines around the planes, but it's solid!