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Optimus Prime's Unusual Charge Part 24 by Steelwing-Prime, literature

Optimus Prime's Unusual Charge Part 23 by Steelwing-Prime, literature

Optimus Prime's Unusual Charge Part 22 by Steelwing-Prime, literature

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Optimus Prime's Unusual Charge Part 16 by Steelwing-Prime, literature

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Optimus Prime's unusual Charge part 15 by Steelwing-Prime, literature

Artist // Hobbyist // Varied
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My Bio

Hey there! You can call me Linkah /lɪŋkɑ:/, Zucky /zʊˈkiː/, or Steelwing /stiːlwɪŋ/. 🎨

I'm just another art enthusiast traversing the vast realms of creativity! As a Hobbyist Artist, my endeavors extend beyond artisan crafts and drawing; I delve into storytelling, occasional videography, gif creation, and much more. ✨

The dream of turning art into a profession has always fueled my passion (ever since I can remember imagining anything, to be honest), despite the challenges along the way. Yes, it's a tale not entirely unique, but my determination knows no bounds in making it a reality. 💪

Before you embark on your journey through my creations, there are a few clarifications I'd like to make:

  • No roleplays, unfortunately. Life has taken its toll, leaving little time for such endeavors.

  • No gifts, collaborations, trades, or requests for now.

  • Commissions? Not yet, though the prospect remains on the horizon. Digital art on tablets is where I'm honing my skills presently. Your patience is appreciated. 🖌️

If I don't reciprocate watches, please understand it's a matter of artistic preference. However, I'll always acknowledge your appreciation with a favorite and a Llama! It's my quirky way of showing gratitude, stemming from my introverted nature. 🦙

I hope you find solace in the artworks I share here. Each piece receives meticulous attention and effort, despite the occasional controversy surrounding AI-generated art. Your support is invaluable on my journey towards professional artistry. Here's to the pursuit of dreams and the adventure that lies ahead! 🌟

Wishing you all inspiration and joy,

[Your chosen alias] ✨

Favourite Visual Artist
I don't really have one as all of them are good in their own right.
Favourite Movies
Transformers: The Movie, Transformers (2007), Transformers Prime Beast hunters: Predacons Rising, Transformers: Age of Extinction & Bumblebee
Favourite TV Shows
All of the Transformers Series cartoons!
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
No preference
Favourite Books
Fairy tales
Favourite Games
Legend of Zelda (all of them), The Spyro Trilogy
Favourite Gaming Platform
No Preference
Tools of the Trade
I'm very creative, so I'm guessing its: My Servos

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Thank you for the Llama!