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The Dolls

By SteelJoe
" We are his "

M.Bisons Shadowloo Dolls from Street Fighter Alpha 3. :D

list of the dolls (left-right): Février, März, Xiayu
, Santamu, Aprile, Juli, Cammy, Juni, Decapre, Jianyu, Satsuki, Enero, Noembelu

this took me awhile to paint :P i tried to put as much detail befor it frooze photoshop, but i think its a :thumbsup:

and thank to to all for the advice on fixing it up! :D
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Cue the villain music....
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The definition of epic and badass in one image
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Dude, I like the shady theme to it, reminds me of badass spies.
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Very cool idea! Well done!
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This is sooo dope!!
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Nice piece here! The Dolls look very menancing veiled in shadow.
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Attack of the Killer Babes
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no, no, no.. where the @#4€ is juri??!! ¬¬

ps: awesome work! <3
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:D haha, i made this long before street fighter 4, maybe later i will make some new fan art with her ;p, thank you btw.
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wrong comment page .__. but awesome work xDD
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OMG :iconomgsocuteplz: awesome and beautiful!!!!
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Very epic! I like that they are in the shadow and their eyes are glowing, so they have are very mysterious and awesome charisma. I would be so nice when Capcom would make an anime-special like the SSF4 OVA with Juri where The Dolls have a mainpart and show how dangerous they are.
Nice position of the team - I love that it is clear that Cammy is the leader. Good job - this picture is amazing!:)
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It's kinda scary, but badass at the same time. My favourite dolls are Aprile (my birth month), Jianyu, Xiayu, Enero, Cammy, Novembelu and Decapre.

Awsome work, please make more drawings of the dolls! :-)
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You did a mighty fine job. n_n
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That's pretty creepy, sexy, and sexually stimulating at the same time. :lol: It's a great picture.
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It's a pity that only Cammy joined the Red Delta, 13 hot girls in berets, that's my personal paradise right there)
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