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Pixel Talons of the Emperor

:flameshield: Animated :earth: remake :shield_gold: 
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They looks gorgeous

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Hey where is kitten during these is his work to comand the troops right

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this is impressive- how long did it take?

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Thanks! about a week on and off.

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This is majestic and inspiring !

The size bothering me dont know if the Sisters are tall or the custodes are short, either way look pretty cool.
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I mean, let's be honest - that's an issue with the minis anyway; even with the new Primaris stuff, other armies are still too large in comparison to them/Custodes, but they can't realistically make them smaller.

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Holy Emperor! The vexilus praetor its almost identical to the miniature!

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So...where is Kitten, Mini-Magnus, Santodes, and the others?

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guess who took the photo! =P

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another one that might want the tank to drive closer so he can it the enemy with his sword

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Really amazing :)

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Who is that atop the land raider?

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a sister of silence

Aleya I think her name is.
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I figured, but the armor color seemed off.

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Incredible ~

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