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Pixel TIE

By SteelJoe
Black TIE required Stormtrooper 
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Purple-Lives-Matter's avatar
Oh man, how long did this take?
Darkton93's avatar
Great animation, great details, I love this to death!
MatreroG's avatar
This is so great. Awesome scene!
vicnedel's avatar
The captain and the Pilot are like:
Pilot: doing something after this battle?
Captain: Executions.
Pilot: Cool. Cool. Can I come too?
Captain: Yeah sure. Lets get a drink after.
Pilot: Oh! OOOOooooh! Yeah! I'm up for that. Hey, can I get your number?

Meanwhile the troopers are dying.
Animatic-Hudson's avatar
I need more troops holding laser cannon.
Neirial's avatar
Blackhaw- Er, TIE Fighter down.
RamenRook's avatar
This is totally great!
ScottaHemi's avatar
Insane level of detail! This is awesome
MadKerbal's avatar
Another happy landing :)
JIECHNK's avatar
Someone pressed the Stop button...
NineTailedTrickster's avatar
And not a single target was hit.
rittie145's avatar
Xsuper-zombieX's avatar
Dam my this is epic
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
no way dude! this is no joke fantastic! i'm not messing with you when i say hope to see more stuff like this very soon! go for it amazing work!
DezzCore's avatar
First order. Nice
ProcrastinatorDIW's avatar
This is amazing :D Keep up the good work!
Syweb2's avatar
The Puns are advancing!
 Fall back!
Sebzicide's avatar
I want to learn how to do this :(
Felixader's avatar
This reminds me so much of the animated CLoe Wars shorts. They were awesome and showed what the movies really could have been like (writing wise, animation was of yourse deliberately over the top).
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