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So this is why some sisters wear heels to combat.

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Its also due to the fact that The Sisters of Battle are both fetish fuel and yet at the same time subvert it. Though the whole heel thing seems to be gone now due to it not making much sense in combat, power armor is HEAVY and all that weight putting pressure onto a small point like a heel would break it or cause an imbalance. and there is also the possibility that GW prob thought that it was too sexist or something, you know how it is these days.

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I look at this and that song from that Vostroyan Charge video starts playing in my head, and i picture her charging along with the Vostroyans...

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Looks like she's rockin' out to some heavy metal

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sooo...the show

"if the emperor had a heavy metal band"

is now canon?

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Heh! Tell that to GW
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Do you want to receive an answer when it is the dark age of technology? I am not a perpetual (probably, but I will not prove) how to know if it will or not :D

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so much brutality.
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Dead Space Style!

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This Heretic deserve this for sure...

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Ahahaha love it! <3

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