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March 23, 2012
Pixel Jungle Artillery by ~SteelJoe is an amazing pixel animation that has me so engaged that my mind provides the sound effects. The attention to detail is phenomenal. Also suggested by =Fiveonthe
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Suggested by Inemiset
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Pixel Jungle Artillery

:stare:...this took some time :icongrinstareplz:
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MaroonGoon's avatar

Excellent work, well done!

SarthAbyss's avatar
The craters those shells will make.
someboi852's avatar
This also reminds me of nam.
IamAnAnimefan001's avatar
Commisar-You see them over there?

Guardsman-Yes sir.

Commisar-I don't want to.

Guardsman-Yes sir!

Nice Pixel art dude.
*Guys in the back*

Soldier One: Do we tell the Commisar mother russia only gave us blanks?

Sergeant: Shuddup and keep firing!!!

Soldier Two: I hate my life..... These things are heavy.
IamAnAnimefan001's avatar
LOL That is too funny.
Mojozolo's avatar
Fuck I love artillery
Joshmoe93's avatar
Ave Imperator!
TheBedrockEmerald's avatar
Wow they arn't wrong, the mind does give sound effects to it
Dying-Breed96's avatar
Lol firing for like weeks and surprisingly there ammo hasn't ran out yet, btw that is an excellent work, on the soldiers and the cannon very detailed
human72's avatar
nor had they gotten counter batteried on etc.
Metalsowa's avatar
Commissar Ciaphas Cain?
Joshmoe93's avatar
I prefer Gaunt, myself. 
SHARK-008's avatar
I like the teamwork of that soldiers in that animation. X3
dorenna's avatar
Great piece of art. Thank-you.
Link8312's avatar
Oh my, this is so great.
DestroyerX5's avatar
crazyhammer's avatar
Basilisk cannon ? so much YES !
ThePandoraGuy87's avatar
More like a Medusa, don't you think? Or some weird combination of both, unknown Pattern that makes the Adeptus Mechanicus to much work to build it :D.
crazyhammer's avatar
The Mechanicum doesn't know how ti technology nowadays

ThePandoraGuy87's avatar
That is not entirely true. There is technological advancement, but it is slow and not on all Mechanicus controlled planets available.
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